Advise on Vertigo BPPV med

I’ve had this vertigo (BPPV) thing since November and been taking Betahistine since November. Luckily I suffer from the spinning only so Betahistine is fine (I’ve tried Prochloperazine but doesn’t work any better) although sometimes I feel it’s not strong enough.
Has anyone had that experience and those meds? Is it alright to take Betahistine for a long period? Have you tried stopping and what happened? Has anyone had the Eplay Manoeuvre performed on them? Any results?

B🙂 Hi Mellie. I’ve had the Dix-Hallpike test which confirmed BPPV, and also several sessions of the Epley Manouvre, although I’ve no experience of taking medication. To see previous discussions, click on the magnifying glass symbol next to your profile picture, and type in BPPV. You may have to do separate searches for each medication.

The Epley Manouvre, and also Brandt Daroff exercises do succcessfully give relief to many people, but there are some instances when these shouldn’t be attempted, when other known medical conditions are present and could be adversely affected e.g. neck/spinal conditions and more.

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Hi thanks Beryl, will do the searching more threads. Next week I’ve got an appmt for what they call “vestibular rehabilitation” (whatever it is I hope they know what could actually improve things for me, I’m getting tired of all this floating around). I’m hoping to get my foot surgery (scarf osteotomy) in April, so I need to be a bit better in my head.
M x

:slightly_smiling_face: Mention your BPPV when you have the surgery, and ask if you need to lie absolutely flat. Get into a sitting position slowly, don’t let them yank you up :blush: xB