Alexa, Google and Cortana app add-on that you should check out

Hey guys, if so, which one?
I’m thinking about studying balance patterns registered by these devices.

:slightly_smiling_face: My daughter (no ataxia) has an Apple phone and loves it. A friend with SCA6 likes his, particularly because it sends for help if he falls. I couldn’t wear one myself because the screen is too small for me to focus on :smirk: xB

The Apple Watch fall detection feature & Medical ID and emergency contacts sounds good (I don’t have one)

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:slightly_smiling_face: This is a very comforting thought, and something to bear in mind for those of us who spend time alone :slightly_smiling_face: xB

For those of you that have the Alexa [Amazon] voice device there is an app that does the same thing more or less. I have it enabled on my Alexa device. May also work on Google devices - I don’t know. Google yes.


:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: more useful advice. On a practical note…it looks as though an ‘alexa’ would be needed in every room :thinking: Although, my ‘alexa’ ’ seems to ‘hear a pin drop’ and pipes up when least expected :wink: xB

I hate it when TV commercials come on and say Alexa causing my Alexa to wake up.

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I have SCA6 and wear an Apple Watch. After several recent falls really wanted the fall detection and emergency service. My husband likes knowing he will be notified if I do fall

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Wore one when I was asleep and had worst night sleep ever, tried second time, same thing, tried just a wrist band only no electronics sleep like a baby.
Tested EMF radiation, so bad, see pic red dangerous level.
Took it back for a refund as was affecting me badly.
Test it out at night. If it does this to you in a few hours then imagine the damage to your brain when the effects are masked during the day
Crazy to wear one if you have ataxia issues :astonished:

i have the samsung galaxy … i recently fell and called for help with my watch …great
watch… many functions… many apps …


I like my Apple Iwatch. I often forget to bring my cell phone with me and I can answer calls on the iwatch insread of missing them or trying to get to my phone. I do not have the new one with auto fall deteceion, but I never lose my wrist so I can summon help. I got the bigger one so I can see it better. I consider it a safety device,

See my May '19 [5th] post regarding the “ask my buddy app.” I accidentally set it off via utube. Had to call my contacts to tell them that I’m OK. :joy: Important thing is that it worked just fine.