Mobile / Cell phone for Ataxia Patients?


I got myself a present! It is an Apple Watch. I got it partly for safety since it is always with me where occasionally I forget my cell phone. Since my wrist is always there, I can make a call for help if I need it. Plus it has other fun features that I like—like an exercise tracker, a heart rate monitor, a timer,etc. it even tells time! I got the velcro-like wristband so I can manage it b myself. I like it!

I was thinking about one too! It is the only fitness tracker to track wheelchair pushes. I feel so unmotivated since progressing to the wheelchair and it would help with goal making! Besides, the wheelchair makes it hard to glance at my phone when someone texts. LOL.

:slightly_smiling_face:My daughter has an Apple Watch, she loves it. Personally, I’ll stick with a mobile phone. I need a bigger screen, with as few ‘gizmos’ as possible :wink: xB

I am a jitterbug type guy, I pay about 15 dollars a month and probably use 3 minutes, but its there when I need it