Emergency help when you might need it!

I’ve posted this before but for members that have not seen it or new members I will re-post it now. For those of you folks who have an Alexa or Google voice machine there is an app called Ask My Buddy in the event you need emergency help. It is similar to that button that you wear around your neck that you can press. To know more about this skill see the link below. Depending upon what option you choose, it is a free skill.


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That’s really interesting. Thank you for sharing this. One thing that I DO like about the worn pendants, is that many of them have fall detection. If you fall and lose consciousness, you can’t call for help. But (some of) the devices can call for help. It’s a matter of weighing options and deciding what your personal needs are, of course.

Sharon from ModSupport

I agree with what you say about falling. But for free, the price is right! :grinning: :grinning:

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My dad wore a first alert button around his neck and paid $40 a month for the service. The equipment was free of course. He still had it around his neck when he past lying on the floor. Not free, just free to die. :angry:

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My condolences! Sorry to hear that.

:confused: It can be a stressful business, knowing someone is at risk, and wanting to cover all bases to get them help asap. I went through this with my Uncle, he had Diabetes and lived alone. He was diagnosed with Diabetes, and was liable to have falls, or lapse into a coma at any given time.
I arranged for him to have a Call Alert to wear on a lanyard around his neck. But more often than not it was to be found on a nearby chair or table…

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Unfortunately I can understand that. I have one through the military veterans. I keep it charged but I don’t wear it. I know that I should but we just went through a pretty hot and humid summer here and it was uncomfortable to wear.

It’s not the correct thing to do. Works against what it’s designed to do. But I do understand.