Am I being mean unjustly

Is it mean for me to think (I know its a terrible thing and I feel bad for saying it) allot of tests (trials) seem to be about Fredriks Ataxia the trials for ideopthic seem not to exist (or are very very rare) we need more trials to find out WHY !!!.

Sorry that was stronger than I meant but 40 more years of this is so frustrating a "normal" person could better their life but I am just complecating the lives of those arround me with only getting worse to lookforward to

Not mean,Miss Birdy..Friedreichs Ataxia,SCa,idiopathic etc all are being researched and results will be welcome either way good or bad..Give it time and stay positive.. As too why ! Nature does get things wrong at times so someone will try to fix it.

Plenty of 'someones'out there ! Wish them unrivaled success, even if only will make a difference..:-)


It seems like doctors are trying to save money by not giving a diagnonis, or is it the insurance companys. I have been going around and around trying to get treated for or diagnosed for being cold all the time.Its 105% here and today I still needed to wrap in a blanket a good part of the day, I had neck cancer and I believe radiation messed with my thyroid ben going on 10 yrs since the operation and all the blood tests the HMO gives saysI have no thyroid problem, but they only will give me one type of test it is a THS that goes from 0 to 5 approxamately the first test came back around 5 and he retested and it came back 2.5 showing I was fine then. There are more tests and more reasons for feeling cold but his answer was that was all he can do for me. I think I am going to an outside lab and have the tests done that include all the different tests likeT3 andT4 and antibodies check. Then I am going to put in for a new PCP and to hell with this doctor. Jerry