Antidepressant with SCA

My GP proscribed me Mirtazapine (Remergen?) last week, as I am finding sleep difficult due to stress. Since then I am finding walking a big problem (previously ok with a stick) and stairs v difficult even one at a time, which again I was managing ok. Generally ability to to anything badly affected. My question is - is this to be expected to begin with, and is it going to I,prove with time? Contacted the doc after 2 days when it started and he said to reduce dose by half, but it’s still happening. Also, would it be the same with any other drug like this (I presume it’s a muscle relaxant too).

BTW I have SCA (unknown number)

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Hi Mazy🙂 Most medications take a while to adjust to but, if this is causing you real concern, make another appointment with your GP. There are usually several options available, it could be that this particular one doesn’t suit you, and doesn’t necessarily mean it had any direct affect on your ataxia symptoms.

The information for Mirtzaphine doesn’t mention anything about being a muscle relaxant. Could it be stress that’s at the root of the problem, re the sudden difficulty walking? My ataxia symptoms can worsen at the drop of a hat if I’m really stressed, or fatigued.

For peace of mind, you might feel better by being reassured by your GP, and you may end up being given a different medication :thinking: Nobody likes beating a path to their GP, I’ve been in a similar position myself but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet :smirk:

I took Sertraline for about 5yrs, it took some time to adjust to that too :slightly_smiling_face:

Just been to GP and he’s given me a different prescription, not sure what it’s called yet. He said to start taking it after 48 hrs, once the other is out of my system but it’s not one to aid sleep - hopefully will work better. Just relieved to be rid of the other stuff right now!

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:+1: I hope this one does the trick :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Just looked at new meds, it’s Sertraline - what should I look out for?

Well, I was first prescribed Sertraline in 2011, and I didn’t progress beyond taking the basic dose of 50mg daily. I can’t recall how long it took to ‘kick-in’ but there were no series side effects for me. My experience was positive, the mild medication helped me calm down and be able to get thoughts into perspective :slightly_smiling_face: Give it a fair chance to ‘settle in’ and try to take things easy in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:xB

antidepressants do a “number” on my body. I have over the last 20 years tried many types. Guess the problem is check with your doc to see how long you should try the pill for

Hi Mazy. We all have to find our own way through our illness. We Must be positive and seek the positives in our own situation. We all have positives which we must find and hang onto. I take the same drug, I take it at night and it helps me, I like everyone does not want to take drugs, it takes time to work and make you feel better. I will ask you a question if there was a cure for Ataxia would you take it? I want to help myself and I have made a bold step and sought counselling. I am having treatment including Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing.It is a treatment for P.T.S.D who I thought was for Soldiers who had lost limbs etc but apparently it is not. I have had several very traumatic times in my life including Ataxia Diagnosis. I MUST STOP RAMBLING. Be positive Look forward as far as you can to be positive about yourself, and you will feel better. There
is no magic wand. Look after yourself both physically and probably more importantly mentally. YOU WILL SUCEED. Peter Ashbourne England

Hello Mazy, I can really empathise with your anxiety and just wanted to add to all the helpful information already given to you.
I recently had a routine consultation with a neurologist who recommended I try an amino acid called L-Tryptophan which is sold as 5-HTP. It has until recently been used for improved sleep and depression but has more recently been found to help with muscle function.
I contacted a couple of vitamin companies, a neurologist recommended Zipvit as the cheapest but Natures Best are better if you need advice and give free samples if you want to try something new. I have ordered some. I hope this helps. BTW I am 77 next month and still walking with a rollator, Dont forget to smile and enjoy the atmosphere when you can xx