Zoloft (Sertraline) questions

Here’s my deal. I was on 75 mg a day. Adjusted okay to the usual side effects. Then my neuro (I agreed there was need) prescribed 100 mg. Not a big increase, I thought. But since then my ataxia symptoms have gotten worse, esp balance. Don’t know if the timing is a (big) coincidence or it’s the med.

Anyone else have experiences?

Hi JoeG!
Hard to say really, isn’t it?
My dosage is 50mg per day, I’ve been on this for 2yrs, fingers crossed no noticeable
side effects.
25mg isn’t a big jump, could it be that a different medication would be better tolerated?
At one time I was prescribed Epilepsy medication, that made balance etc worse. And didn’t
stop de ja vu, no matter how much the dosage was increased. xB

Im suppose to take 100 mg of zoloft. I am only taking 50 mg. now. And doing well. I am afraid to do the 100. I will in 2 days. Then I can let you know how it goes. The last med. I had to go off because it was making my ataxia worse. If the 100mg. is to much. Stay on 75mg.

I've been on basically 200 mg daily (therapeutic does) of Zoloft/Sertraline for 19 years now. I say "basically", because I was on 150 mg daily for a while, which wasn't enough, hence back up to 200 mg. I was also taken off for a while, but started to fall back into depression again. My depression was originally caused by a side effect of the drug Inderal, that I was taking for a heart arrythmia...,long story. I was diagnosed with ataxia 10 years ago, but had small symptoms starting a few years before. Anyway, at the time of diagnosis, I questioned whether the Zoloft/Sertraline could have caused it. My neurologist investigated/researched it, and found there was no basis of it being the cause. In spite of that, I've always quietly wondered about it... ;o)

I am not on any medication and am improving. Is this taken for depression or ataxia? If depression wouldn’t it make sense to also get counseling too? Everything I’ve read says that depression medication should not be prescribed alone without counseling too as it 's effectiveness wanes over time.

Hi Maryseas, When I first stated taking Zoloft/Sertraline it was for depression, as I became depressed due to the side effect of the drug Inderal (a beta-blocker) that I was on for a heart arrythmia I was born with. Eventually, I had heart surgery to correct arrythmia. I was feeling much better and found out my husband had terminal cancer. My doctor thought it best if I stayed on it. My husband died and I went from working part-time to full-time as a social worker, and raised our two children 12 and 14 years old. When they went off to college, I was going to wean off it, but then was diagnosed with ataxia. So, once again, my doctor advised me to stay on the anti-depressant. I did several years of therapy. Now I just do medication visits, although with ataxia, I did see someone for a while. I didn't take it for about a month several years ago, and started to fall back into depression...,I have severe anxiety with my depression, an awful feeling! ;o)

Rose, you’ve had quite a lot going on. When I was first diagnosed I think I was also depressed but my kids moved in with me and that took care of quite a lot of fear for me. Plus my doctors were scratching their heads about what I had and didn’t really know what to do with me (13 years ago). Once they began to offer treatments for various symptoms I was able to eventually get my energy and outlook back (after dealing with sleep apnea and sleep deprivation from it, as well as low thyroid. Sounds like for you the treatment is for depression. Is this ever prescribed to help Ataxia symptoms?

I'm sorry everyone feels the need to take these anti-depressants. I prefer to stay off as many drugs as possible, and live life, and do things, and surround myself with the things that I enjoy, and it works for me. I find them to be miserably altering. Believe me, being a caregiver to my 84 year old mother, ataxia, cleaning up after chronic diahrea, cleaning her house and mine, shopping for us both on my Trike (I live in NH), It is not easy, but depressed I refuse to be! Pets are a wonderful replacement for depression!

I take 200 grams of setraline daily (with food) and dont see any change or side effects. I do cry much less however.

Depression isn't something that one has any control over. It happens because there is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. It has nothing to do with life-style, as I live life, do things and surround myself with things I enjoy, also. And I had my share of pets over the years, mainly dogs. I adored all of them! I wouldn't wish depression and the anxiety that sometimes accompanies it, on anyone! It's a horrible way to feel!!! I'm just thankful there's a medication that helps one to feel "normal" again. Anti-depressants are not "happy" pills, like many people think. They just balance the chemicals in the brain. It hard to explain to someone who has never suffered from clinical depression. I never understood it until it happened to me and I'm an educated, retired social worker who worked with hundreds of people, some with clinical depression! ;o)

Dear Maryseas, In answer to your question, yes, I have ataxia but take an anti-depressant for depression, although I'm not depressed now. I continue to take it, as I never want to fall back into depression again, that's for sure! I've not heard that taking one "helps" the symptoms of ataxia in any way. ;o)

Very good Rose. If everyone remembers. I was down on anti depressants. I was not depressed. And still not. I got to a point in my life where I didnt want to be a bitch anymore. I'm not a child. I'm am 53. Life is getting really hard. I can tell my brain is unbalanced. So I decided to try something to balance me out. Granted it all trail and air right now. But I feel I am on the right path.

Have u talked dr? I tried generic n ended up going to name brand. Some generic meds don’t work for me. U might ask doctor if you could drop back to 75 for a short while to see if ataxia symptoms improve then u know if meds r ataxia.

A chemical imbalance in the brain is unfortunately not something you have any control
over, it’s never a case of mind over matter. We all know about Post Natal Depression,
I experienced it, and didn’t receive the right help. I never recovered fully, then encountered
another devastating situation, and finally went on to be diagnosed with SCA.
Nobody wants or chooses to suffer from depression, there still seems to be a stigma attached
to the condition, even in these enlightened times. xB

Vanished!!!!!. In short, my dr-prof says that ataxia can produce depression which is described as sadness plus.Part of the package for some.