Any fellow ataxian who has truncal ataxia?

Hello, I am new here and I was told by my neuro doctor that I have truncal ataxia. I want to learn from other people who has similar symptoms. How to exercise, etc. Thanks a lot in adavance!

I got weak pelvis muscles and weak shoulders too.

Hi Chris and welcome.

If you click on the “Members” tab above, you can enter into the search: truncal ataxia.

I had to look that up

as I have never heard of it. Nice to meet you and hope someone here can relate to your symptoms.


Thanks, Glitter and Patsy, I will contact my neuro to make sure that is the official name for my disorders.

I am very weak at trunk and shoulder. I can not sit straight without back support for long. I can still walk but wobble.

I got hip pains if I walk more than 10 minutes. Also I get bladder control problem (takes a long time to empty it)

I presume the doctor would tell me - there lies a bit of a hitch. Can Ifind out any other way?

Hi, Chris, this search will help you connect with others who have truncal ataxia:

Welcome to the group!