Bladder control

I thought I would ask. Because we all have the same issues. I haven't done a lot of research. But is bladder control associated with ataxia?

Good question - I recently heard that sugar substitutes are, but I am curious of this, as well.

Are you having problems too?

Hi Lori,

I've noticed an improvement in my bladder from focused movements (exerces's) with getting my core stronger and making my legs stronger. I think by working on getting these stronger seperatly that your muscles all over actually get stronger and react better to help with any problem having ataxia. I can say all of a sudden I have more control over everypart of my body. I think weak muscles play a huge part of a weak bladder.

It seems like a generic anwser but it's playing out to be more true than I actually thought it could be! It helps every part of our body funtion much better having ataxia. I wish I would have gotten that earlier even before having ataxia, but I didn't and things happen for a reason I think. :0)

Usually Dr's always say to exercise as an answer to everything so I used to turn a deaf ear everytime they said it and I hated any focused moving at all. Having ataxia I didn't think my body wanted to either. I didn't exercise regularly before I was diagnosed or after until a few years ago after having ataxia. Let me tell you how much of a huge diffrence it's made with my ataxia and making with ALL of my symtoms. I still don't like starting doing it but I know that it will help me so I make myself start. Once I take that first step or two the endorphans kick in and not only does it help my body in diffrent times that I need it to step up, it helps my mood at the moment and long haul too! Now I look for more ways to just move throught the day more than I used to.

When my legs start having pain I know it's my body telling me just that it needs more oxygen and in order to get it I have to exercise even for 10 minutes, it gets rid of it.

Julie, I've been told Nutrition makes or breaks body funtions as well, like caffeen, sugar etc.

Just some food for thought! :0)

Hi Jeannie,

I have been doing some exercise's to strengthen my core. I will have to do more. all of a sudden this started. And I do not have a bladder infection. But it feels like one. Thanks for your input!


Mmm…food for thought :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I eat pretty well and I do adaptive yoga and meditation daily, but gravity is definitely not my friend in the bladder department. Not ridiculous about 6-7x/day-I’m sure you wanted to know that- but when I gotta go, I gotta go…can’t hold it like I used to…I was wondering if it could be a symptom of ataxia or maybe just something else as simple as age.

Most importantly…mmm…food for thought.

Hi Julie

6 or 7 times would be good for me. now I can tell about me. ha,ha I go at least 20 times a day. I was just at my reg. doctor did a whole mess of test all neg. She asked if maybe is was a symptom of ataxia. That's why I thought I would ask in forum, since everyone knows more then the Neurologist (?)


Hi Lori,

I haven't been here for about two weeks. I have time this morning to get on here. I read your comment and it raised a red flag to me. I have suffered many reoccurent bladder infections. I did not know what was wrong. I have come to find out that my neurologist tells me that the abdominal muscles can be effected, of coarse, with ataxia. This can effect how women with ataxia empty there bladders. When we do not empty our bladder fully, this can lead to a bladder infections. You must make sure you empty your bladder. I can go pee, and feel like I am done, but if I sit there a few minutes longer, I will go some more. I know this sounds so weird, but like I said when I saw your comment, I had to respond. Maybe we can help each other. Bladder infections suck, so if you can avoid them by just taking a little longer in the bathroom, it is worth it.

Thanks Butterflyaway, How are you doing otherwise?