Anybody here not from USA?

I’m in the UK, here and our health system, names of drugs etc are all different - not sure about how useful the info will be…

Not being rude - I mean mine to you as much as yours to me!

Hi Mazy, I’m from The Netherlands and new here too. Although there will certainly be information we miss out on - not being in The States - I feel that listening to each others experiences might be very helpful! So I certainly hope you will give it a try!

Thanks - good to know there are others! Systems are the same I guess…

Hi Mazy, and welcome

This is a surprisingly international group: we have many Canadians, lots of Brits, one of whom, Beryl, is a moderator. One of our best sources of information and advocacy here is Alan Thomas of the UK. We also have a smattering of people from around the world.

Our new platform doesn’t let us search by location yet, so finding your compatriots takes a little doing. It helps a lot, if you are looking for information specific to your location, if you specify that in the subject line. The right people are more likely to notice that way.

As I say, we have many British members. A good hack for you would be to use the magnifying glass search feature and key in NHS. That will give you lots of leads for who lives in your green and pleasant land.

Again, welcome. We’re glad that you joined us, and we hope that you will be too.

Seenie, one of the Moderator Support Team:
TJ (MT, USA), Melissa (AB, Canada) and me (ON, Canada)