Testing new forum

I feel a bit of a traitor, but I promise you will ALWAYS be my first!

I normally post on LWA, and Ataxia UK sometimes. Ataxia UK are trying out an improved forum and have asked me to be a guinea pig. They have obviously heard how bad I am and know that if I can work it, anyone will be able to!
It will be good having 2 places to go for information but I just wanted to let you know what they had asked me to do. Hopefully it will be a bit different to.
LWA is always the best and first.
Love Lit

Me too - dont understand why they couldnt have adopted This forum for their website.

Havent looked at the proposed site yet but might find time today.

Take care, Patsy x

I must admit that I am a little confused and feel it is a bit like reinventing the wheel but if for some reason people do not fancy LWA perhaps it will be a good alternative. I think it is just a glorified version of what they had before.

Oh well, more the merrier!?

Lit X

Yes they did demonstrate it at the Annual conference workshop but Allan Thomas raised the question as to why they hadnt adopted LWA when he first suggested it. I understood that there were going to be further discussions but if there has, they havent included Allan.

Allan has gone to USA for the Conference so he's not available for comment at the moment.

I agree that it is like reinventing the wheel - this site is excellent - my only criticsm would be that I would like the 'follow' option to defaut to opting out rather than opting in.

Patsy :)

Lol ... See I am so untechnical, I had not even noticed the 'follow' button! X

Well it took me a while to spot it Lit lol x

Proves your point though! X

I like the HealthUnlocked site. Ataxia UK is only one of many conditions listed on their home page. I have Raynauds Phenomenon and this condition is included in their list. Simmilar to the Ataxia forum here I am able to look at some of the comments people have made under the Raynauds section.

I have raynauds too which has caused a skin condition - stasis dermatitis - thanks for reminder - I had forgotten to check out HealthUnlocked.


I was too late - it says membership closed :(


Hi Patsy

Lit messaged me to tell me you were having trouble joining Health Unlocked as it was saying membership is closed. I am so sorry about that. I think what has happened is you were trying to join 'Health Unlocked' rather than the 'Ataxia UK community on Health Unlocked'. It is complicated but the 'Health Unlocked' membership is closed in that one actually has to contact the team at Health Unlocked over the phone or in person in order to join that group-they control who joins that group, whereas anyone can join the 'Ataxia UK community on Health Unlocked' by joining online. I have just joined the Ataxia UK community with my Mum's details (with her permission, of course!) and that worked OK. There are two ways you could do this:

1. Type 'Health Unlocked' into your search engine, go to the main homepage, select Ataxia UK and join away

2. Use the link https://ataxia-uk.healthunlocked.com/signin?cookies=clearall

To look around the site you don't actually have to join. If you do try joining, and I hope you will, I hope at least one of these methods is successful. Like the current discussion forum on the Ataxia UK website you have to have joined and be signed in in order to ask a question or comment on a blog. If you would like to start your own blog you have to ask (just me at the moment) to do this. It will be so much clearer if you look at the site for yourself.

If you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you enjoyed the rugby at the weekend. I thought England were superb and certainly ended the Tournament on a high note!

Harriet Bonney

thanks Harriet - will try that - still bit confused as to why LWA was not used for Ataxia UK website forum and Alan didnt know anything about HealthUnlocked.

Yes greatly enjoyed rugby result.

Take care, Patsy

Oh didn't know you were a rugby fan. So are we. My lot are HUGE supporters of the Worcester Warriors. Do you have a team or just England?

Lit X

I think all you English rugby fanatics are just trying to wind me up with Scotlands wooden spoon achievement!!!

lol yes Iain but it should be you doing the stirring :)

Lol ... SORRY! But it is about time!

Good job Alan is in the US!

Iain Stevenson said:

I think all you English rugby fanatics are just trying to wind me up with Scotlands wooden spoon achievement!!!

We only follow six nations and, if England are in poor form, we go Wales or Scotland or if desperate, Ireland. lol

You shouldn't knock the Irish Patsy. I thought they were brilliant too. As for Italy they surprised me (well against Scotland anyway) and France are very good contenders. It would be great if they introduced more local nations, perhaps Spain and Germany as starters? I actually prefer rugby union to football. Too many injury play-acting in football. I love American football though.

lol didnt mean to knock the Irish - it's just that they dont vote for us in the European song contest. I certainly prefer rugby union to football.