Ataxia and heart attack

Some of us Ataxians are also at risk for Heart Disease. Unfortunately when that happens women are often not taken seriously by the medical profession here in America and we sometimes don’t even recognize a heart attack. I’m including an important link to a blog written by a friend who had a major heart attack over a period of 9 weeks, went to the emergency room 9 times and was sent home telling her it was not a heart attack. When her heart surgeon finally discussed it with her he said less than 12% even survive such a major heart attack. she’s alive & recovering now. A WOMAN’S HEART | A PRECAUTIONARY TALE – Fight Not Fright

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for posting this…It could be very helpful to someone else.
Best wishes to your friend :slightly_smiling_face:

I posed a question to my cardiologist regarding my atrial fibrillation. If SCA affects muscles with erratic impulses including your throat, eyes, bladder, legs, etc, why not your heart. He really didn’t have a clear answer.
Has anyone else been diagnosed with Afib and SCA and have had this reasoning mentioned?
Thank you, mlb

:thinking: Your question is reasonable
I’ll watch out for similar comments on other ataxia support groups

FA has heart implications, isn’t it?