Blood pressure n ataxia

Never had issues with blood pressure until I completely passed. Never had headaches etc. that said I ended up in emergency room BP over 200 with no symptoms other than just felt odd. No real symptoms but just didn’t feel right. I discovered I had lost all the progress I had made in rehab etc. the heart is muscle and nervous system regulates heart. Ataxia affects muscles n nerves so that is the only thing I can attribute it to.

Hi PG :slight_smile:
That must have given you a scare.

So much is unknown about SCA that sometimes our best guess is correct.

Best wishes :slight_smile: xB

PG This is very discouraging to hear about your not having symptoms. I hope you are regaining some of what you lost.Good luck.

It sounds like this has to do with the effect SCA has on he autonomic nervous system or dysautonomia. For me these types of issues bother me more than any balance issues do.

Hope you regain your progress quickly!

I went back to rehab n gained back what I had lost. Seems like I manage for a few months then my left side just continues to weaken then back to rehab get around a little better then down again. I’m not giving up. I have had to start using a rollator/walker thing more n it upsets me to do so but it is what it is.

I admire your persistence. It is really hard to live with a body one can't control.

I am not an expert on ataxia, but I thought ataxia is caused by some kind of malfunction in the Cerebellum, not the muscles and not the peripheral nerves. Through the Cerebellum it affects muscle coordination but otherwise has nothing to do with them. Blood pressure can affect the Cerebellum by not supplying enough blood to function and therefore affects dizziness and coordination. Am I wrong?


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I will try to find one in my oils directory for dizziness now that you wrote this post. Didn't think of it before.Thanks so much and good luck!

This is interesting even cats have Neurological signs, such as ataxia or even seizures, which may be secondary to hypertension.

My blood pressure is all over the place also. Mostly it is low like 90/55 and I feel dizzy upon standing. My heartbeat is fast in the high 80’s and low 90’s. It has even been as high as 102. I take a beta blocker to keep it the high70’s

Thanks for sharing PG, Do you have side effects from the beta blockers?

JC, Julie, Beryl & All. Just got the UCLA Research Studies general phone number and spoke to Gloria Obiaolisi, They are open to talking to you if our are interested in learning more about or participating in clinical studies about Ataxia.

Would love your updates.

I had to wait 2 months for an appointment with the director of the UCLA Ataxia Center, Dr Perlman. Will update you after my 8/12 apt.

Judita, I don't I have any side effects from the beta blocker that I am aware of. I've been on it for years (pre-ataxia). But than my heartbeat rarely rose over 90. The beta blocker doesn't seem to effect my blood pressure. These blood pressure and heart-rate issues really scare me. I hope it's ataxia related and not caused by something worse. When my BP gets so low, I wonder if my brain is getting enough oxygen. Good luck at UCLA's ataxia center.

Barb1228 (Barbara)

Barb, Thanks for your response. I will ask my neurologist about the beta Blockers this Friday.

The UCLA CUM study is closed, but I am now on the list for future studies and will post them here.