I was watching this documentry on health yesterday, and they said that being balanced in life will help our disease what ever kind it is. They went on to say it includes, exercise (focused movements), our food intake, enviornmental stressors and they included having fun everyday. They said we need to laugh everyday because it's internal jogging for the organs. They also said if we want something in our body to change, studies show to change your thoughts about the way you think about things first and the body follows that thought.

It asked what do you do everyday consciously to bring even just a little bit of fun into your life?

It has gotten me thinking, and I am woundering what are some little things that other ataxian's do to have some fun (I wonder what other's do so maybe I can get some idea's and incorperate them?

Thanks for your help with this! :0)

That's great.. thanks for sharing .. shall include that in my support group newsletter.

I manage a littler fun each day on my wii fit - I do the serious stretching ones first then have some fun games like juggling.. love that one.

I also try to remember to smile whilst concentrating on getting around. Smile please :)


I danced around yesterday! No, I didn't feel coordinated and yes, I had to do it kind of gingerly as not to fall, but it felt so free and I laughed and laughed! My daughter was with me (she's 28) and she looked at me like I was crazy! I didn't care though, as it felt good...ha! Guess I was having a "good day" as I was able to move pretty well for someone with ataxia...I'll take it for sure! It must have made an impact on me as I'm going to try to do it every day!!! That was my"fun"...

Hi Jeannie - I read somewhere that the brain doesn't know the cause of a smile or sitting up just responds well to those probably sounds totally stupid...but I make myself sit up straight and smile at myself in the mirror for 15 minutes. If anyone witnessed this...hate to think of the distraught.

I also do facial yoga - my personal fav entitled "The Psycho Prom Queen" in which you smile as wide as possible and open your eyes as wide as possible and then relax; repeat about 4 more times.

Funny movies, jokes, and funny FB posts work well, too.

It sounds like we do a lot of the same things lol! I do the smiling while walking and I do the "Psycho Prom Queen" I also shake my little keister all around the house dancing, especially when I am vacuuming because then I have a built in balance aid. I also sing as loud as I can, (yes also while vacuuming) to keep my voice and throat muscles toned up. Faux Italian Opera singing is my fav. ;) I have mirrors everywhere so that when I dance or move I can keep working on my proprioception, but also so that if I catch myself frowning I can stick my tongue out at myself and laugh. I think it is very true a smile can jump start a good mood and the brain doesn't know the difference.

Thanks Jeannie for the useful tip. Laughter is indeed the best medicine for every thing. Why not laugh and have some fun every day? No fee after all!

Thanks for this useful tip.

Such a great post Jeannie! you're the best!

I've heard about laughing theory been good for our internal organs before too. It's difficult when on own and don't get much chance to have a good laugh with people.

For me though Inca makes me chuckle with the things she does. I can be having a bad morning and literally have to drag myself out of bed to take her out, then we go in park and she will do something comical like taking a flying leap into a puddle only to find it was a bit deeper than she thought!... the expression on her face is priceless.. lol! .. once something or someone has made me laugh for the day I think it does brighten up the whole day..even just someone chatting to us briefly in the park as we pass and pet each others dogs.

Dogs are meant to be great for lowering blood pressure as well when you stroke them but I guess it would also work with cats if person felt unable to walk a dog everyday. For me just getting out around the village makes a difference and I usually feel better by the time we get back in and had a bit of sun and fresh air, even when its freezing!

I like to watch comedies and have favourite shows where the characters/presenters will usually make me laugh out loud and that's good too. I have found exercising on the Wii is good and there's nothing more funny that trying to watch someone else do a move! My friend bought a Zumba game to see if we could work out if I could adapt it for me.. I couldn't, but was in hysterics watching her trying to do it so it was well worth it, just for the fact I was laid on the sofa helpless with laughter for most of the morning.. lol! :0)


Good for you Kati! Your "positivity" is truly priceless!!!


The guy in the documentry also talked about how pets help give us a happy feeling just like you described! :0)

I had a great laugh visulaizing what you discribed because I can relate. I too love doing the wii and just recently I've gotten a few new programs and some of the exercises I had to try, but I can't really do them yet or at all. So I found it makes me crack up too! :0) :0) :0)