Ataxia on stage at Doctors 2.0 & You conference in Paris

Ataxia on stage at Doctors 2.0 & You conference in Paris, this week

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some of the conference will be live streamed

I have a Raredisease and I am Crossing Borders will be on stage with on day 2 at 2.25

Ataxia on stage at Doctors 2.0 & You conference in Paris

Alan Wales

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Does it have any recorded webcast or youtube ?

Yes, I would like to see this too. Still not sure what you are speaking about.

Tile of taalk
I have a Rare Disease and I am Crossing Borders

About Raredisease and using Social Media , to share information about ATAXIA and raredisease to the benefit of Patients around the world

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Www,doctors 2.0 & You

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thanks and good luck

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Still I could not find and video on web , "Www,doctors 2.0 & You" is the website in the original post

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hello I am new to this site and this whole AT disease that my son has who is 8 years old. we just found out that he has this in February of 2016. it’s affecting his motor skills and speech. we just came back from John Hopkins hospital in Baltimore Maryland where they have a AT clinical department. it was the best thing ever and I have more hope then I did before. I was educated in his disease and found out more information on how I can help him get through the day without him getting so tired and frustrated. he uses a wheelchair at school and outside if he has to walk a long distance. I’m still dealing with my own issues of the “guilty mom” syndrome. finding this site is a great way for me and my family to understand and know that we are not alone in this. so any tricks or anything new someone knows I am opened to support and suggestions. thank you
Lucy Wells

alan,its bobby. sorry its been a while but im having problems with the new site. i havent forgot about you. just found out now how to reply to a post. hope you get was you trip? did you get any new info?