International Research Conference

This may have been the largest Ataxia Research Conference to date.

Please follow this link - and click on ‘research’

On the same link - new video by AtaxiaUK

Great stuff

I was speaking about Patient Engagement with Ataxia / Raredisease, to the pharma industry, at a conference in Barcelona at the same time.

it was a bit daunting public speaking to upto 600 pharma Chief Executives from around the Globe.

Daunting, but you did it anyway!

I admire you for the time you put in on everyone’s behalf Alan, thank you :slight_smile: xB


Thanks for your work, Beryl and Alan!

A blog about this conference in Barcelona

With Patient at the Centre (and in conversation with) pharma

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing..., ;o)

Alan, I loved the graffiti wall :slight_smile:

Thinking down the chain, pharmacists are manufacturers - doctors are suppliers - patients are customers.

Finally, it seems agreed that customers needs come first, above profitability.

Good info Beryl