Ataxia patients with wide gaits

you people with ataxia with wide gaits if you have heard of it or believe in it [i do] get your self a nikken [brand name] kenkotherm\wraps. its a head band. it has magnets in it. its magnet therapy. its helping me out. im wearing it around my neck cause its makes me worse if i wear it around my head.but if i wear it around my neck its straighten me right up. you can buy it on e-bay for $22.00 good luck

Bobby, worth a try, there aren’t allot of options for us. Only treatment for symptoms usually, any advice is good. May I also add the balance wear vest is another useful tool when it comes to gait issues. (

my balance isnt too bad unless i bend over witch i try not to do.

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Heartfelt best wishes to you Bobby. I suppose we all succumb to our symptoms at some point, making it impossible to improve.