Magnets Help

Someone (sorry, I forgot who) posted a while ago that they used magnets for help with balance while walking. I want to try ordering them, but I recall that there was a specific type but I don’t remember what it is. Can someone help me?

:thinking: I wonder if the post was from Bobby. Type magnets in the search box, and scroll down. I think the title was ‘ataxic patients with wide gait’. He recommended a headband :thinking:xB

Thanks very much, Beryl. I’ll look. I appreciate your help.

I feel I may be asking a really dumb question, but I don’t see a search box. Where do I find it?

Hey Linda4,
In the blue bar at the top of this page, on the right, there is a magnifying glass, click on that and a search bar will appear.

Merl from Moderator Support

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks Merl. Sometimes, my messages are very slow to appear :smirk: xB

Got it. Thanks very much. In retrospect it does seem fairly obvious. I knew I’d feel dumb.

If you’re not sure, you ask. That’s not dumb.
Dumb is what I do, continue on blindly, only to stuff things up majorly. lol

I will get over feeling dumb a lot faster than not having info I need, so it doesn’t bother me at ask. Thanks again!

He recommended the Nikken brand. I bought two nikken kenko powerchips. They do nothing for me. I’m not certain where I should position them.