Balance Vest - Ataxia - Magnets

I have seen the Balance Vest in action,with very positive results.

this Vest has small magnets placed at strategic positions, on the torso.

As I see it there is alot of Science processes behind the positive results (more than we know ! )

it is worth checking out the info.and videos at


It is helping me even though it does not solve my problems. I like that it is totally non-invasive so there can be no side effects. One minor corrrection is that there are weights, not magnets. I think that using magnets is a separate thing which I may try, too.

thanks for “heads up” (predictive text via medical diary)



Haha I’ve been thinking if things like this exist! I just use heavy rucksack at the mo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi Alan, just read your bio. I saw that you ride on a tri. I was a keen cyclist before I got my first EA attack over a year ago. Now I’m really thinking of trying on a tri instead but I have no idea where to get it and what type is appropriate. I can still cycle, sort of, but right after I get off I get an attack. I am physically fit. Do you have any recommendation or know where to purchase it? I have a great road bike and I wonder if I should just convert it but I’m not sure if the posture is good for my condition…