Ataxia Research in India This may be useful information for any members living in India.

After clicking on the link, click on Scientists. Search for Mohammed Faruq. His special interest is Ataxia, and his contact details are on his page.

I read on another Support Group that Genetic Testing had been offered at the above facility.

Hi Beryl,

How are you these days.?..I won the appeal for basic rate on my mobility, which was greatly undervalued. Didn’t need to go to the tribunal, in the end, as THEY settled the matter with paperwork from the specialist…Putting off our holiday, till September…as now the season starts soon, and too hot. Had a bit of a run in with the Blue Badge team, but got the badge eventually back after 3 weeks (they the parking attendant confiscated it) Lesson learned…

Doing physio in the local hospital. Godsend. Balance exercise, with special balance cushion, bought it now, so can practise at home…It is mainly my posture, letting me down, but that shld improve, as not so wobbly on the balance cushion…my legs went shaking, like made of jelly…must look your link with the specialist from India…

:slightly_smiling_face: I’m doing ok, thank you for asking :slightly_smiling_face: Great news that you won your appeal :+1: but so annoying you had go through the unnessary stress :woman_facepalming: We don’t have a holiday organised as yet, recently the temperature reached 20c here, and it was almost too much for me :joy: So actually paying to go anywhere for sunshine …:joy:

Why on earth did someone confiscate your Blue Badge :hushed: As it happens, I needed to renew mine recently. We live on the border of 2 different licensing authorities, and have a postal address for one but pay rates to the other :roll_eyes: Renewal isn’t automatic and I’d left it till the death before reapplying, plus I’d waited till my Neurologist provided confirmation of the condition, to avoid paying my GP £25 to write a letter :grimacing: Lesson learnt there too :wink:

My posture leaves a lot to be desired :wink: I should use my rollator more regularly, it encourages me to ‘walk tall’ :wink:

The info re India, I found on another Support Group. The main reason I posted, apparently some people had been given free genetic testing if they consented to take part in research. I know some of our members live in India, and wondered if it might be of interest to them :thinking:

Keep up the good work re physio :+1::blush: xB

Hi Beryl,

confiscating the blue badge was our fault. lesson learned, fine paid. my hubby was parking incorrectly and using it, no bad intentions, just an oversight…but hung go council came all Wild West pistols…basically threatening with fines and court proceedings…At least doing their job properly, as I didn’t realise the blue badge is issued to a person, that must be PRESENT in the car…and the parking attendant reported the badge as STOLEN and misused…Well, it was not stolen,and it was misused, which I realized, but unintentionally… at least the council sent out a proper brochure, outlining it all…not some shoddy leaflet, telling me nothing useful…

I did not watch the wedding, listening on the radio…I am not religious and found the American priest nauseating, exceedingly theatrical, making a mockery of it all. It gets on my nerves, all these so called episc…churches, and never ending singing…All that American brainwashing…they (the priests) should get more involved into campaigning against guns…

what is rollator? never heard…had a fab 5 mins safely on a stationary bicycle…

Monika x

:slightly_smiling_face: Monika, a rollator is a 3 or 4 wheeled walker, 4 wheeled types usually come with a handy seat. Mine is called ‘let’s go out’ :wink: I bought that type because ‘at the time’ I was new fangled with a walking aid and it looked the least ‘medical’ :smirk: Now, I’m finding it’s a bit too lightweight for my current needs, and I may have to consider changing to a sturdier type :slightly_smiling_face: I have better posture and a more natural gait when I use it :slightly_smiling_face: xB