Ataxia Support Groups on Facebook🙂

These days we’re very fortunate to have access to a variety of Ataxia Support Groups. It follows that this opens up the opportunity to widen our contact with many types of Ataxia.

Quite often, for whatever reason, it’s just not possible to attend a group in person, and that’s where Facebook comes in🙂

Some examples of Ataxia Support Groups I’ve found by searching on Facebook🙂

Ataxia Friends

Ataxia Friends UK & Ireland

Caregiver Support Community

Cerebellar Cognitive-Affective Syndrome

Friedreichs Ataxia Parents, Family & Friends

Friedreichs Ataxia Support Group

Living with Ataxia

National Ataxia Foundation

Parents of children with Friedreichs Ataxia

Spinocerebellar Ataxia Awareness and Research Support Group

Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type3 SCA3

Some are closed Groups, so it would be necessary to join in order to participate🙂

There’s no need to feel alone coping with frustrating, challenging, nonsensical symptoms🙂

On Facebook, a post receives a reply almost immediately🙂It’s surprising how much a one line reply can lift spirits🙂