Alternative Support Groups

How many of us just feel the need to touch base with others, dip in and out of support groups maybe just to pass the odd comment? But specifically with people like us. Who totally understand.

Facebook have numerous Ataxia Support Groups, there must be something for everyone, and I log on myself :slight_smile:

The National Ataxia Foundation have a Support Group page. Search by State for your nearest group. If you can’t travel, ring them. I often have chats with members of my local group :slight_smile:

See the link to the Ataxia Chat Room :slight_smile: And also, ParaChat’ for iPhones and iPads.

Just this morning on Facebook I saw this link for Ataxians in Texas.
‘Hope’s Seed’

So, no excuses, let your fingers do the walking:)xB

Very TRUE, patient groups are the place of "Best Practice"

"The patient is the Expert in their Own Condition"

Phase 1 of Atacsia a Fi - Ataxia and Me =

Ataxia group/charity based in Wales - with Global networks