Ataxia type 7

Hello i have Ataxia type 7 .can anyone tell me anything about it.

I also have sca7. Well to start off my vision got to a point where i was legally blind. As with sca7 the vision tends to go first. Then 2 years later i started to notice tremors when i did activity or just walked for a while. Then it got worse to the point where i could barely walk a quarter mile without feeling the effects. I sent a lot of mris to a neurologist that told me i have sca7. This was last year at December . So far to help i am in rehab therapy with a neuro therapost. And currently wearing a blance belt to help train me to move. I havent found any help for the eyes yet though. But i just wear sunglasses alot to protect them as they are sensitive.…is a little blog i started telling of my experiences and what not. You can read about me and sca7. I hope this helped.

I read your blog was exactly how I feel daily.Thanks for sharing.It helped me a lot.If people would listen with there heart not their head that is helpful.If it wasn’t for the Lord helping me daily could not make it.I’m in a chair walk some with walker,can’t drive anymore.Have to have some one take me.But all in all this is not my final home.So that keeps me going.Thanks Earlene

Hi :blush: If you didn’t already know, has info about SCA7, lots of useful fact sheets and helpful links🙂xB

Thanks beryl I’m new to the site that is very helpful.Thanks Earlene

I thought about one of the balance belts has it helped any.Earlene

I just started a week ago with the belt. But with the belt and my trainer in a few weeks or months i should be able to walk a little less with my cane and more with my own two feet. So far i havent really noticed THAT much but given time i am hopeful. Do i suggest that you invest in it? You should really ask me that in a couple weeks

Let me know in a couple weeks if you can how the belt is working.I had thought about trying one.Would be interested to see how it works.Earlene

Will do i will let you know how things turn out.