Spinocerebellarataxia type 7

So I have spincerebellar ataxia type 7. Does anyone else have this? I believe I am in the early stages. I have degenerated to the point of walking with a cane due to unbalanced walking. I am taking baclofen to calm my reflexes and make my legs not so stiff which is working great. I guess my question is will this disease progress anymore if it seems like it is under control?

It’s widely acknowledged by Neurologists that the exact progression and degeneration of any SCA is very difficult to predict.
You may find someone else with SCA7 has slightly different symtoms. Most Ataxias have basic commonality and there are several types and causes. But even the genetic types can vary with symptoms. In some instances the condition can appear to be in remission for a while, this very much depends on each individual and is best discussed with your Neurologist.
If you haven’t already done so, see www.ataxia.org for information, and links of all kinds related to ataxia.
Another site which mentions the different types of ataxia is www.ataxiacenter.umn.edu


Thank you so much for your reply it’s very helpful .

I have ataxia type 7.My understanding of it.Is it varies when age it started.And varies with individuals.My started in 87.And now I’m in power chair.I walk some with walker but a fall risk.So it can vary from individual.Earlene

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I recently diagnosed with sca type 7, 2 months ago.
I found this site in google search, it’s useful and good to read facts about this type, you feel you are not the only one having this type, if anyone know treatment or something useful ; should i do physiotherapy ? Thanks in advance

Yes i think you should do physical therapy. I found a neuro physical therapist semi close to me. And her excercises are doing wonders vs just the regular physical therapy. She gave me a balance belt that i use in my excercises to help with the balance issues. Its not a cure all but it does somewhat help.

thank you all the best