My son has a very wide gait and his right foot is very wide apart compared to his left foot. Does anyone know if the leg braces can help?


Have you been to an orthopedic doctor to see if there is a ‘structural’ reason for the wide gate? Hip issues or anything? If it’s truly ataxia, then the wide stance is the bodies attempt to stay balanced. We tried physical therapy and gait training but the fact is when you walk with your legs close, it is less stable. We did not try braces.

Thank you for responding.We went to Shriners and they did a lot of Xrays but they did not find any foot deformity. But a renowned ENT specialist here saw him and said right then that it is ataxia. He has numerous falls because of his quite an unsteady gait and his feet have several bumps. Besides, he cannot walk for long distances, only short distances. Do people with ataxia get tired walking long distances? How about going up and down the stairs? Do they hold on to the rails? I am so worried sick.

Sounds like your next stop is a neurologist. Keep a journal of the symptoms to have ready for this visit. Even symptoms that you think are unrelated.
It could be a long journey for you and your son.
Keep us up to date with the progress.