Back Pain

I have developed back pain in my lower back when I sit to long. I am wondering if this pain comes from the way I walk. Does anyone else experience this?


When I was in my 50s I had a stiff muscles in my lower back and had pain. When I would work out to hard doing stomach crutches my back would have spasm. When I started taking calcium 1000 mg magnesium 500 mg vitamin D 400 iu 1/2 dosage morning and night my back pain and stiffness went away. If you have kidney problems a doctor should be involved. The kidneys excretes excess magnesium. I hope this helps.

Hi Ben,

I also have back pain usually in the morning though after I get up. I found that I have to sleep on my back, straight. If I'm twisted while I sleep my back feels worse. Then I have to slather on Arnica gel to relax those muscles and do few Yoga slow stretches and drink more water. I'm finding that making myself drink 16 oz (which was allot at first but after one week I got used to it) gets my organs and back more limber to move better. Yoga at other times helps me be much more fluid with my movements.

Watch this it helps me! Maybe it will help you too! :0)

Hi, I also developed lower back pain, My Dr. sent me for an Xray to see if I had hurt it in one of my many falls or if it was something else. When the Xrays came back, I was told that I had Arthritis in the lower back and I'm now waiting to see a specialist to see what can be done to help with the pain. I hope that your backache is just a short term thing and you'll feeling better soon, Ataxia is enough to deal with.

Hi Ben, I too get lower back pain - but mine happens when I stand too long. My rehab physiotherapist says it is due to poor posture and lack of strength in my core muscles.

I, too, get lower back ache when walking around. I think it is from the way I am holding my body. When I saw myself in the mirror , I realized I was was standing strangely because I was trying to compensate for my imbalance. A trainer told me to do the shoulders back, tummy in, tuck butt under thing while walking. Envision a ballet dancer's stance. It does provide some relief to consciously hold my body this way. I can't do it consistently but it is temporarily a relief.

It not my back but my left hip. I had ex-ray they found nothing, I too think it the way I walk and since my weakness is mostly on my left side it the pressure I put on my hip when walking. Hope this helps

Dear Ben, Yes, I have back pain, especially since falling four year ago. I've fallen a few times since, re-injuring it. My theory is, although I initially fell injuring my back, because of the way I use my muscles to hold myself up, it hurts. Also, core strength isn't good (working on that). Also, I tend to lift up my shoulders rather than hold my stomach muscles in, which doesn't help. Bottom line, because of gait/balance, posture really suffers! It helps me to lie on my back on the floor, bend one knee and bring it up to my chest and hold for a minute (with my hands), then the other. Stretches tight muscles and gives temporary relief. Obviously, not falling is a no brainer...,ha! ;o)

I have left side weakness to n didn’t realize how crooked I stand until I saw myself in mirror. I think these things come on gradually n unless we see ourselves in mirror we don’t realize posture is bad n can cause all kinds of problems.

It is very likely that the pain is from sitting. I developed the same thing over the winter from spending too much time sitting (bad weather kept me indoors). I ended up going to the doc 3 times in severe pain. The last time was 3 days before a trip to Hawaii. She took an x-Ray and did find I’ve worn out two bottom disks but told me to go to Hawaii, gave me exercises to do (stretching my back), and encouraged me to stay out of the chair, move around and swim. It took me about a week to get out of pain but I’m now pain free. Heating pad helped more than anything, and of course not sitting and am walking in sand and swimming. You might ask your doc for an x-Ray to see what condition your back is in. I think I will have to deal with back pain again but am much better by moving around as much as possible even though it’s sometimes dangerous and difficult.