What medications are you guys taking for stiffness? I have tried all muscle with no success,also exercising and strentching? Any suggestion?

Walking is the only thing that works. I have to be careful not to over stretch. Over stretching results in stiffness, pain and spasms. Although it feels really good while doing it. I have lost a lot of flexibility in the past few months as I have been walking less.

I take baclofen for rigidity and spasm and magnesium supplement for muscle burning.

Plus as already mentioned, frequent exercise, even just getting up to walk about the room.

Can't help here. I have been systematically removing drugs -- I take a few that are related to my heart and the reduction of the others has proven in my case to improve my quality of life. Exercise important to me.

A lot of times, it feels like my legs are like walking with wooden legs, I can't bed them much, but that is after working for 4 hours, and I sit down! I feel like Jepettto''s son, (the guy who turned into wood) Yep, that is what it feels like. :(

I was taking Magnesium but found out that the side effects are not good, so I wouldn't recommend that anymore! It helps but long term it's not good for other organs. Have you tried soaking in warm water in a whirlpool bath with Epson salts, or arnica gel yet? Rub in the arnica gel/cream really hard so it gets into the layers of skin. I use it as a preventive also. Sometimes I have to wait 20 mins and do it a 2nd time for it work allot. It leaves some stiffness but not as much as you had. I also have used a Ten's machine. You can buy it at Amazon. There are a lot of different one's out there! Chiropractors use them. They are electrodes with a pulsing action you can set as high or as low as you want. I have the battery kind hand held. It's like a massage!

I also get a massage on a regular basis so they don't stiffen up again. Check out Massage Envy. it's less expensive so you could do it every month or so. It's therapeutic and gets your blood flowing more. I always walk much better after a treatment after a few days. I'm like a noodle right afterwards! :-)

I find that Bio-Freeze works really well, along with the arnica cream my friend makes for me.

stiffness in legs ?

What is the official name of the SPG7 gene?

The official name of this gene is “spastic paraplegia 7 (pure and complicated autosomal recessive).”

SPG7 is the gene's official symbol. The SPG7 gene is also known by other names, listed below.

wish i knew, the stiffness is horrible and getting up from a sitting position is really hard to start walking

usually i try to rub the muscle areas before moving

There are so many ways to relieve stiffness that I can't specify any single one. The epsome salt bath is comfortable, gentle and time consuming. Good for after exercise. A tens unit requires a specific area and time for use. There are two related devices that can be applied quickly to a general area. One is called"the stick". It is a stiff tube with handles on each end. The tube is inside of close together but loose hard plastic rings which rotate loosely about the stick. You simply grasp each end and move the stick up and down the stiff area. The rings rotate and massage the area. You apply as much pressure as desired. They come in a short length and long, Quick use with no bother and immediate results. Available at stores that specialize in running equipment. The other is the old barber vibrator. It sits on the back of your hand and makes the fingers vibrate. Quick massage. Available from Hammer Schlemmer (Oster manufacture)----Silky