Balance Dogs

Recently, I have found that a new idea 'balance dogs' have been brought to Britain. I understand they were initially trained for people with MS but many other people, especially those with Ataxia have found them useful. The concept is like a guide dog but a balance dog helps you well balance. Getting up, walking, picking things up, etc a balance dog can help!

My question is has anyone else heard of this, thoughts? Also, has anyone actually got a balance dog?

Wow...,thats a great idea! I've never heard of "balance dogs", but I think they'd be very helpful for someone with ataxia! If you find out any other info., I'd like to know. I live in the USA. Thank you... ;o)

I'm from the UK but I think the idea of balance dogs came from the USA. I don't know if it'll be any use but heres a link I found explaining about balance dogs:

Taryn, Thank you for the link regarding "balance dogs". I found it very helpful, as I had no idea! ;o)

Hi Taryn,

I don't have a balance dog yet, but I plan to when the need is here. Or when the need is closer, since it can take a long time to get one. I am not an expert, but the dogs seem to be about your knee height, so they can walk against your legs to help you balance. It also looks like they learn to judge body movements, because they can tell when you need to turn, or adjust. And you can use their harnesses to help you stand. My problem is that I have always wanted a tiny toy dog, but that would probably be no help at all :). Maybe I will have to have two dogs.