Vestibular Ataxia leaving you Housebound?

As my Ataxia has progressed my tolerance for been in cars has become less and less and I'm now virtually housebound.

I noticed when I had to go to hospital beginning of last month to see Neuro the travelling made me feel really ill.

So much so I may have to cancel the assistance dog training as I will not be able to even get to the training centre let alone manage 2 weeks of going out for the public training.

Currently one short local trip (less than 30 mins in the car each way) takes me 1-2 days to recover from. The training centre is at the opposite end of the country to me. They have wrote and said they are willing to postphone my assessment until the new centre is opened but thats also half way down the country and at least 2hours.

Motorways make me feel really disorientated and sick, even busy dual carriageways.

So I'm having to find a local breeder or rescue centre willing to do an home visit to help me find a dog I can train it myself from scratch. It doesn't really need the public training as I only leave the house to go around the village on scooter or take dog to little park in chair.

Life is meant to be enjoyable not spent feeling sick all the time! I'd much rather be wandering around the park with Inca on my scooter than in a car somewhere feeling violently sick!

I wondered if anyone else on here is mostly housebound due to difficulty travelling or other reasons (trips out too exhausting or no help to get away from home).


Hi Kati,

No I'm not but I noticed that when I first started Yoga close to my house that I got more dizzy. In Yoga she has us do exercises of focused movements with our head turning it and hold on each side for 30-50 seconds. Then she says to keep the head still and practice moving just the eye's up hold for 30 then 1/2 way down and hold then to the floor hold while balancing. At first I couldn't handel the movements at all, but it's funny, I'm noticing more and more now that fast movement around me doesn't bother me quite as much as it used to. I'm getting less dizzy all the time now. So there must be something to that. I wanted to share this with you too so maybe it could help you some? Not sure but worth a try! :0)


I don't have any problems exercising in my house or even going on my scooter/powerchair, not around here where its quiet. I do notice i have more problems if i have to go into busy shopping centres and stores and there's so many people coming other way I find it difficult to judge if they are too close to my chair or I'll run them over if I move forward etc. I tend to just stop and let poeple pass or if thats not possible someone usually has to take over pushing me until we get to a less busy area where no one in front of me.

Usually it's cars that the problem and may cos I'm not in control of it and we can't just stop anywhere so its got quite bad before its safe to pull over. I suspect it's to do with the speed we are moving too (obviously much faster in cars and other cars coming towards us) than walking speed or max speed on a scooter. As I usually have Inca walking alongside me I'm not going that fast anyway.

I usually stop and let cars go past me and Belle on the scooter as we are slow.I use my mirrors a lot but feel hassled if there is something behind me.I even let tractors past.