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You should have safety grab bars in your tub/shower. At a minimum, you should have a rubber bath mat.

Really, I think this should apply to everyone in the world, not just people with “issues.” I mean, who ever thought it was a good idea to get ceramic tile slippery-wet and then add soap bubbles to it and stand on it? That’s just asking for a fall in my opinion, regardless of who you are and what’s going on in your life.

I started using a shower chair when I broke my shoulder (you would not believe the balance issues when you have one working arm) four years ago and I will NEVER be without it again, ever!



I had shoulder rotator cuff surgery in 2014 on my left arm. BTW, I’m left-handed so you can imagine how tough it was with my Ataxia.


I have used a stool meant for the shower for years. There are all kinds of devices, lifts, etc. for the bath/shower. My stool cost less than $20 CDN, it is nothing fancy but it serves its purpose. It is a god send for the shower, it has proved itself many times. I don’t have a bath mat or grab bars in the bath/shower, although, they definitely would be an asset. Agreed, play it safe, get yourselves a mat or some bars or anything to make bath time more comfortable/enjoyable.

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Would you believe that for years here in the UK, it was common practice to carpet bathrooms, even bath panels :joy: Warm, cosy and non-slip but not really practical from a hygiene point of view. I’ve seen Cork tiles recommended for bathrooms. Assuming they need to be sealed to repel water, I wonder if this actually makes them a hazard underfoot :thinking: xB

Whenever I see any water slipped on the floor of kitchen I shift the floor mat little inside the kitchen so that any one who is entering kitchen notice why the mat is inside the kitchen instead of at door and be cautious.

Hi Chas, I have bars around shower and toilet and mat. I rolled off my sofa the other day and I wondered if anyone has guard bars on their beds. The way I trash around if I fell off my queen size bed I would feel it. Thanks!

I strongly advise people to take advantage of assistive devices. Some that i use are my walker, my rollator, my cane, grab bars in the shower, a seatin the shower, grab bars by toilets, a grabber (good for picking up the newspapers),a chair lift (not the skiing type), a railing on the two steps to the garage, steps that fit a walker,unbreakable dishes, measuring cups, baking dishes, etc., every appliance known to humankind, and a kitchen cart. I have used a potty chair in the past.

I always find it a relief to be home after being gone. That is partly because I can use the assistive devices at home and can function so much better


topics covered in YOUR SAFETY are very useful considering safety is our topmost priority.

I laughed so hard thanks for the information. I use a shower chair too but I prefer bathing. I get fun stuff like bubble bath and a back brush. I’m lazy so I don’t make things harder. I use taps and bath rails for support :grinning:


You state “I use taps and bath rails for support”
The often copper or plastic tubing can break or snap with the weight of a person. If this occurs with the hot water tap you can end up with serious 2nd degree burns.

Also if the taps shear off there is no flow regulation and this can spray water all over the bathroom floor, causing a even greater slip hazard.

I HIGHLY suggest having specifically installed shower rails if support is required.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Thanks I’ll not use taps for support.

Such an important topic as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’m bumping it again. :grinning:

Hi there I’m a new member and although I’m not as advanced as most of you with ataxia I’m am frightened of falling in the shower and have difficulties getting into the bath. I brought a shower chair very helpful when washing my hair and a very solid rail to attach to my bath.

Welcome!! I hope this forum is valuable for you, too. I know I appreciate the insight and support.

I got 2 rails for the shower and they are very helpful. I find that my husband, who is not disabled, and with whom I share the shower, has grown to like them, too. Other non-disabled people I know report that they like the bars their disabled spouses use. I think one can buy a sliding bench to make it safer to get in the tub. I take baths when traveling since I could not be safe in a shower without bars. My husband helps me in and out of the tub since I am afraid of falling if I do it myself. I might be able to do it, but neither one of us wants to take the risk. Another thing that might be helpful is a shower head on a flexible tube. It probably has another name. That way one can control the spray when sitting, which is especially handy to wash your hair or keep from being cold. Congratulations on going for the safety equipment. Feeling and being safe is incredibly important.

Hi Linda5 :slightly_smiling_face: welcome, I’ve never had a bath for years, but I do have lots of showers. I recall somebody mentioning they wear those rubber pool ‘socks’ in the shower, that was something I’d never thought of. I’m unable to wash my hair in the shower, so I have to lean over the bath and use a flexible shower attachment. Needs must :wink: xB

Hi Beryl
Thanks for the welcome, I think I might invest in the rubber sock’s and I don’t have as many bath’s as I used to but when the time comes when I can’t, I think I will mourn a little.

So glad I found this ataxia support group, I haven’t had much luck in my corner of the world.

Thanks Linda 5

Hi Linda
Thanks for the welcome, I’m already finding the forum invaluable such insight to all of our plights.

Safety is the greatest concern for all of us.

I’m afraid I’m still getting used to thing’s only being diagnosed 6 months ago. I do feel the need for some more safety in my bathroom but I feel my husband is still coming to terms with thing’s as well.

I’m still quite able, but if I really need more aid’s I will just have to communicate this to him.

I do have a flexible shower head but still find I get cold in the shower can’t win them all I suppose.

Thanks for listening Linda5