Could anyone recomend a reputable company that specilises in disabled baths.?
Ive got pamphlets from 3 companies but they are so fancy and i expect cost the earth!!!

Thankyou all. Sheila.

which companies have you already got pamplets from?

Hi Kati,ive got pamplets from Premier,Aquility and Dolphin. I have been told that Dolphin are very expensive!!
Have to book an app for someone to come round before they give a price! I dont want to feel pressurised as i live on my own and wouldnt like to be seen off.
Thankyou for getting in touch. Sheila.

google is your friend, or






some information, that might be usefull

(what about a Disabled Facilities Grant, from your local authority?)

Alan Thomas

A flashy glossy pamplet is usually a good indicator that its gonna be expensive!

I typed in special needs bathrooms in google and got loads come up. Not sure what area you are in or what exactly you are looking for, but here is link:

maybe just best to go through them and see if there’s anything you like.


Thankyou so much Kati.
I come from Gosport in Hampshire,near Portsmouth.
I will certanly go through what youve recommended and then decide.

Thanks again.Sheila.

PS. paid 7000 for my bathroom to be done WHEN i was ok as did the place up,now its got to be done again for me!!



Just don e our bathroom but the companies you mention will prob take more than aa day.Took my husbandd a long time and he is a bathroom and kitchen speciallist.My advice wolld be to pin a date and cost for completion.

My batjhroom waas also built for thhe pprogressioon of Ataxia in mind.Knew baths for me were out of the queestion f since I got stuck.Now I have a wset room aand still need a lot of help.

Hi Sheila.

Local authority, social security worker. I had mine converted to a wet-room which cost me nothing (had to sign a form saying I wouldn't move for three years!) but cost local authority 3500 pounds. Dig your heels in and don't take no for an answer, we've paid our taxes and didn't ask for ataxia! Go girl!!!!!!!!!!


I just finished my bathroom this week. I had outrageous quotes from companies that specialized in universal design bathrooms-and my house couldn’t accommodate the price or my wallet. So I measured the space I had available and read everything on line regarding space required for bathroom items (sink,toilet, heights , shower size ect. Of course I had to make some changes since I didn’t have a bathroom I could land a plane in. Ha! I have a roll in shower that is curbless, all the water is drained towards the rear, and water does not run out of the shower area. I placed 2 pedestal sinks for myself and my husband and even included a soaking tub for resale purposes. I will never be able to use it but since it is my masterbath for resale people want a tub and 2 sinks. I just had a general contractor who had some smarts provide the work. I bought everything ahead of time to limit the days it would take to complete. So far I love it. It is better than I anticipated

I had my tub yanked out and a shower put in a few years ago and now after progressing everyday I think I may need to find a better system, It works for me now but I wish I knew the future.The house I live in is small at 840 ft we have no extra room.

If you own your home, you may be eligible for financial assistance thru your city hall. They chose a contractor and remodeled my bathroom.