Can anyone help?

I have just recieved a quote for a wheelchair (manual) over £2000, its unbelievable how high it is! This quote was for a prescription wheelchair, a Sunrise Medical Quickie Helium at 15'' seat width. I have CA and need to use a wheelchair PT, especially when I am out or at University. My 'wobbles' are just too dangerous not too :s. I have had help from the NHS who issued me with a 'standard' wheelchair which was far too big at 18'' seat width and very heavy (impossible to lift into a car and very dificult to self propell)! I am 25, 5' 2'' and under 8 stone. I am also quite active hence the choice of wheelchair.

My question is does anyone know any help I could get? Replys gratefuly accepted :)

Quickie chairs are expensive you are paying for the brand name. The NHS should offer you vouchers I got some for my first chair a Quickie Easymax which was around £1600 several years back. my Da vInci was £2,500!

The vouchers I got were only something like £300 the same as it would cost them for the free issue which is usually the Invacare Action 2000 (or was when I got my first chair) I still had to find over £1,000 towards mine, but it’s still in great shape and just considering adding E-fix wheels to mine. not much to go wrong with a manual chair!

If you’re set on that particular model and don’t want to go for a cheaper one I guess you have to see if you have savings or loan. (a few advertised on TV where can borrow up to £2,000) …I put my Da Vinci chair on a credit card and paid it back monthly, they didn’t give me vouchers for that one but I didn’t ask as wanted fancy one for brothers wedding!

Ataxia Uk may be able to give you a grant towards it, but I think you need to prove you have asked other places first and why that chair and no other cheaper one would meet your needs?

It’s a good idea to start saving if you can as it’s expensive having a disability and NHS only give minimal support that costs the least amount they can get away with that meets your basic needs to get around your home!


Dear Taryn,

I am bit confused as wheelchairs(manual), in India, are around Rs. 20, 000-(around 200 pounds). Electric wheelchairs, ranges around Rs. 1,20,000-{around 1500 pounds}. Of course, when it reaches you it will attract, Your country's duty and shipping charges. For us, even 1500 pounds are prohibitive.