Biopsy problem

I went in to have my throat stretched a week ago and they took 5 biopsies and I got a call yesterday they found cancer, no name on the cancer yet but I am sure I will find out. I have had neck cancer 2005 and came out pretty good. The esophagus is the problem and its not an easy fix. I am 83 so I expect these kinds of problems but I just got to deal with it. Jerry

Jerry, I’m so sorry to hear your bad news. I also hope that your experience with cancer will be repeated. I know I join everyone on this forum in wishing you the best.

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So sorry to hear that Jerry. I know you will have the strength to get through it. I wish you all the best. Donna

Best wishes Jerry ((hugs)) As it happens, I’m waiting for an MRI myself for a similar search. A few years ago I had breast cancer. I was lucky and it was all fairly straightforward. But the particular type is known to manifest elsewhere in the body. My Oncologist thought I looked ‘a bit ropey’ so he’s arranged an MRI just to check my brain. Like you, I’ve reached the stage where I’m fairly philosophical about most things :wink: xB

Wishing you well, too, Beryl. I hope you get good news from your MRI.

Thank for the replies and the well wishes. Jerry

:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you Linda :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Best of luck Jerry. And we are all praying for you.

Good luck and well wishes Beryl

:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you Jubie :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Dear Beryl Park; I just used Jubie when I first got on the site, cause it is what my husband called me all the time. Don’t know where it came from. My real name is Carol Buckholtz. From Gig Harbor, Washington, across sound from Seattle. Recognize your name cause you been on since before me, My neice is going though double mastectomy and another neice went though it all last year. Hope your MRI comes back negative and all is OK.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Hi Carol
I’m so sorry to hear about your niece, and I hope your other niece is recovering well. Is this due to the BRCA gene? I don’t carry the gene myself.

I’m writing this sat outside in my garden, we’ve had a heatwave this weekend and I’m just holding onto the tail end of it :sunglasses: Of course now I’ve said that, the sun’s gone in :joy: I maybe indoors quicker than I anticipated :wink:

I can see where you’re located but I don’t know your part of the US :slightly_smiling_face: I’m familiar with the Sunshine State, been down the Keys, Naples, LA , San Francisco and last year San Antonio :slightly_smiling_face: Although I’m guessing your weather may be similar to that of the U.K. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still waiting for an appointment for the MRI, apparently there’s a 6wk waiting list. We have a different type of health service here in the U.K. It’s a case of going on a list and waiting your turn, unless you have private health insurance, or can afford to pay up front.

How are you doing yourself :blush: xB

So nice to here from you,. All I have for insurance is Medi Care and tri care for life. The tri care for life is from Dennis being retired from the service. I was afraid I would loose it when Dennis died, but luckily I didn’t.

I would probably be on the waiting list too

My ataxia is acting up. Not my legs this time. My eyes and ears. The neurologist says it if from by Ataxia I guess he knows?

The neurologist I had left and so I had to find another one. We’ll see if I like him. I have appt. June 11th. I wish we were closer to Seattle, cause they have better Drs. I guess.My niece does all the driving. I quite driving when my husband died, cause I can’t judge distant and I was afraid I would hit something, or worse someone. Now I wish I would have been real careful and slow; cause it takes away so much freedom and lack of security. But the past is the past.

Take Care and enjoy the sun. It seemed like such a long with, and spring would never get her, but it did and is great. Now I can get out on my scooter. It is so enjoyable to get out in the open air. I just wish the road I have to go on is so rocky, They (niece and family) live in the country and the road I have to go on is typical country road.

Love Carol

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I met with an oncologist today and found out the cancer has metastasized and chemo and radiation may be out as it would only help me from 2 weeks to 2 months. I will write again if I hear any good news. Jerry

:confused: I’m so sorry to hear your news Jerry. I hope you’ll keep in touch with us. My results are due in June ((hugs)) xB

Jerry, I’m so sorry to hear your news. You don’t have to share only good news here. Anything you want is fine. We all want to be here for you.

Good luck Jerry, and praying for you.

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