Blisters from swollen feet and legs!

With neurapathy in my legs plus being diabetic with legs and feet now swollen , has anyone this same situation going on? If so what do you do for this? I am lost on what else can be done. I just get the blisters healed and another set pops in. I keep them cleaned and sterile to keep infection out. If anyone knows what else I could do???

I don't have these problems but worked with someone had diabetes that burned the bottoms of his feet walking barefoot on hottop at a parking lot at the beach he just could not feel the pain as he walked.

Vickie that must be awful. My Uncle has diabetes, I know how careful he has to be with his feet.
Any break in the skin can be a potential hazard. Isn’t there any helpful advice on Diabetic Support sites? :-)xB

I find rubbing Aloe Vera over any skin breakage heals it twice as fast and even lessens scaring. It also softens scabs or prevents them from forming if you get it on quick enough. I carry a small tube with me as it works for so many different things. Thoughts are with you.