Calf tightness?

I am not sure if this pertains to having Ataxia. Only in my right calf, it gets tight to the point I can't walk on it any longer. This has been happening a few times since November 2014. Again, it's tight and I have not done a lot of walking today. I am just baffled.

I am so lucky! I'm in a Nursing Home and a Physio massages my calfs 4 days a week..Arr,such bliss LOL..It comes with the territory called "Ataxia' .>>>>So prepare yourself for aches and pains in places you didn't imagine..So find a good friend and use your imagination >>>take care and here's a hug 4 ya ...

Ozzy, thank you for your sweetness. I go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week. I'll keep stretching and drink lots of water. Guess these little pains are coming and I can't stop it but hopefully slow it down. :)

I'm always getting tight calves, i find wearing compression socks help relieve the tightneess. But wouldn't recommend wearing all the time, just put them on to relief the tightness.

Dehydration mostly

I have tight calves since a lower back /disc problem.My doc said it was the sciatic nerve being pinched by my back which has not fully healed. She did not feel it was due to the Ataxia but a by product of the inactivity caused by the ataxia. I have SCA 7 and all of this started when I was forced to finish work.

I find that both my calls get tight when I sit too long. It makes me walk on my toes. I find

That stretching my calves by just doing lunges helps a lot with the toe walking.

No pain though just tightness. I have sca 3


I was being woken up with Charley Horse cramps in my legs and went to my Interest about it because it was sooooo painful and the things I was trying weren't working. Now I have a handle on it and stopped it.What I do every night now is I have Fever Few Tonic Water (w No sugar in it) and add some lemon to the cup. I take 3 Magnum pills and 2 Calcium pills. Along with peanut butter on a cracker (some times I have a 1/2 banana I tend to very it depending how much activity I have in my day) because the Tonic water (Quinine) doesn't taste that great so I wash that taste out of my mouth. I have it down to only a few seconds now so it's not bad. But I'll do what ever it takes NOT to get those cramps in my calves!

I make sure that I also drink water through and choose watery vegetables (things that won't soak up that much water in my body) the day to stay hydrated. Getting more oxygen in my calves by moving them much more than I was helps to. I am tight after I wake up so I have to do calve stretches as soon as I get out of bed just a few on each leg. I know this sounds like a lot but I have it down to a routine now so it's not bad to do it only takes a few seconds and I know doing it it's worth it for me NOT to get those cramps.

I just scheduled it in now because I think it works doing them together. Separately they didn't work as well for me. Good luck with finding what works for you too! :-)

I do calf stretches daily. At home I stretch my calfs on the stairs, or if sitting in my lazy-boy chair watching TV or reading I flex my feet until my calfs are tight and hold for a minute, then release and do it several times. At the gym (I try to go and exercise 2 to 3 times weekly, the other days I do exercises for strength and balance at home), they have a calf stretcher (a tilted board you stand on). I use for a few minites. All this seems to help me, as I'm very stiff from ataxia! ;o)

I have a lot of calf tightness that happens on the left side of my body which is already the "bad" side. It started in my calf maybe around August and now it's my whole left leg, but the calf is still the worst. It's not fun at all. I'd suggest stretchingas much as you can. Stretching hasn't really helped me but my leg may be too stubborn. I've also heard getting a foam roller and putting your calf on it can help stretch it out

Thank you for all the reply's. I really appreciate it.

Massage, acupuncture and Baclofen will relieve the tightness. I could not walk either. Exercise Physiologist worked out the correct exercises, not just from a Blog

See your Neurologist always in the first instance

Thank you for your response. Of course I inform my Neurologist first, it is nice to get more responses how several people may deal with the calf tightness. I appreciate all answers, always. Again, thank you. I did ask my massage person to put some extra attention on my right calf. :)

Eric said:

Massage, acupuncture and Baclofen will relieve the tightness. I could not walk either. Exercise Physiologist worked out the correct exercises, not just from a Blog

See your Neurologist always in the first instancet

hi, Yes I have had this feeling two days last week, it was like there was a brick in my leg, right calf also. I didn't get it from strain or too much walking, because I woke up with this pain after sleeping ok. I also get crazy muscle spasms in my legs at night going to sleep, its weird and quite alarming. Anne

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Get your Neuro to put you onto Baclofen,easy fix for me for the same problem

Why aren't people talking to their doctor first for medical issues rather than a Ataxia BLOG

Dear Eric, I think people ask questions about medical issues on this blog because we all have a form of ataxia, and we're here for support and understanding. My neuro is a specialist, as well as a researcher in ataxia, and even he doesn't have all the answers! On this blog, many people gave splendid answers/advice for this problem, a problem that is universal to many with ataxia. I also think it's somewhat comforting to share with others with ataxia, as only we know how ataxia feels and the ins and outs of it. Sorry to go on and on, just trying to explain my point of view on all this! Personally, I couldn't tolerate Baclofen and am no longer taking it. Everyone is different, thank goodness...,ha! My best to you..., ;o)

Hi Eric, I have Sporadic SCA meaning it's not hereditary. I think I got this ataxia from toxin's. My guess is as good as theirs I think. hahahhaha Anyway, A little while ago I started beginning to have cramps in my calf's that were waking me up and found I couldn't really walk during the day because they hurt. I tried lot's of different things but I was still getting them no matter what I did. It sure was less but still there (I'm funny about taking any meds so I try to do things natural as much as I can. Also because I do that anytime I take an aspirin it really effects me a lot my body is not used to taking anything). I went to my interest and she gave me only a few baclofen (muscle relaxers to take only for a short time 3 days worth, cause she knows I don't like to take anything) she said sometimes you just need a short term med to stop the contractions. Because I don't take anything it did stop them to were I got relief. Then she told me to have tonic water with lemon cause it tastes bitter, and take 3 magnesium pills and calcium before bed. Stretch my calves before sleeping and any time I have to get up during the night (if I do) then after waking too. Then stretching them thought my day.

I've continued having the Tonic water (Quinine no sugar called fever tree) with lemon and 3 magnesium and 2 calcium every night since because I stopped for a few nights and started getting twinges in my calves that scarred me. Those Charley horse cramps in my calves really hurt. I hope your not having to deal with them too! But like Rose said, everyone's body is different even having the same kind of ataxia. So I think it's trial and error to fin something that works for you. If you go up to the top right side and click on search leg cramps I think you can find more idea's that might help you out! My advise is to go see your Dr. My Nero confirmed what my internist said and what I'm doing so that made me feel good about what I'm doing! Good luck finding something that works for you too! This ataxia is challenging! :-)

Stand on your stairs and stretch your calves by stretching each leg standing on your toes and leaning on your heels. Do each leg 10 times. My personal trainer showed me this and it alleviated leg cramps.