Blood Pressure/Ataxia

Hi everyone, just wondering if you have issues with your blood pressure dropping at times and getting pretty low. Mine did last week to 80/45 and they put me in the hospital for 3 days to ck and my heart was ok, its back to normal now. I am home. Does this happen off and on to any of you, is this normal after getting ataxia, I have had sensory ataxia since 2010. First diagnosed as cerebellar but changed diagnoses this year to sensory. thanks

Mine is always high for some reason, i think it drops tho when I bend down, I get light headed. I have also gained back 10 pounds of a 75 weight loss, that rises blood pressure

Mine sometimes goes lower than that. Sometimes I get so dizzy and feel like I am going to black out if I don;t squat or sit down. I also have orthostatic hypotension. That's when there is a drop in blood pressure when standing up from a sitting position. I think it's the ataxia that's causing it.