Bridge Club fundraiser for Ataxia UK

Hallo everyone

Firstly many apologies for sending this to all of you in one chunk as it were but being a person of very little brain, it seemed easiest! So any xxxxs that appear may be taken personally!
For my sins, which are manifold, I am taking part in a sponsored bridge playing thingey this Saturday 3 December to raise awareness and loot for my chosen charity. Of course Ive chosen Ataxia UK, ataxia being the very rare condition I suffer from. I am indeed fortunate as my condition is very mild compared to many who at best can expect to spend their lives in wheelchairs, with difficulty swallowing and speaking.
Bridge Club Live, the on-line bridge club, is arranging the event. I have to play 80 (eighty) boards (hands) within 24 hours. I must be mad!! The club is offering to stump up a further £100 for the player collecting the most sponsors.
It should be possible to watch some of the play (if you are mad enough to want to) without having to join the on-line Club. This I will find out.
Thank you in anticipation
ps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx these are for you