Please sponsor us on the Ataxia Spring Classic (UK)

Hi All,

Please may I ask you once again if you’d consider supporting Ataxia UK’s bike ride this year.

Many of you know James, my son, who is planning to ride 22 miles on his handtrike, along with others with Ataxia on a variety of different bikes and trikes.

Also I’m riding the longer ride of 100kms.

We’re asking for your support for Ataxia, which affects about 10,000 people in the UK, robbing sufferers of their ability to walk and talk eventually.

It’s probably the most debilitating condition you’ve never heard of.

There is no cure – but we are getting closer.

Your money will help research worldwide and also be used to improve the lives of those with Ataxia in the UK.

Please donate via

Thank you again for your support.

Andy / Andrew.

That is really cool about your son, Alan. I hope you will post some pictures. :)