Care givers?

What happens when there is no caregiver there when you get there? I think this may be the biggest worry for disabled, I know spouses may bail when the going gets rough and it happens to many in our situations. I guess some things are just too tough for some to handle.

Yes... My ex left me for another woman. I am now engaged but am afraid he will desert me too. He seems to understand what being with me requires.

I worry about this too.....what could you do if this happened?

I don't know. I guess I would live alone in an apartment and be involved with the NAF locally... :( I would be heartbroken if I lost my family.

To be honest, this ataxia thing is hard on care givers as well. Things you used to do together or dividing tasks..well it all comes down to one person now doesn't it. My husband can get kinda grumpy at times, which I fully understand actually. I'm the one ordering around and just sitting there and he's the one who has to follow up. It's tough to be this dependent and have to ASK for things all the time. But imagine being in the other's shoes and getting asked to DO things all the time. There's NO sunny side whichever way you look at it is there. So all in all I"m sure it's tough for BOTH. Try to give eachother some breathing space and hopefully enjoy some hobbies, so both can focus on other things on a regular basis.Otherwise you are a crowd in a crowd. And last, but not least: keep some humour there, so you can laugh together:):)

Just talking to a friend this am about a neighbor of hers who has no close family and lives alone with neighbors, friends, and home health nurses seeing after her. And she doesn't even have ataxia, just arthritis and general old age problems. My friend says she will probably end up in a nursing home. I also have another friend (again,nonataxic)who has no close family, no living husband, and no children. What will she do further down the line? It is hard letting a spouse do what you've always done. much less ask your kids to give up their lives. I guess we do what we can do and have to do. Thank goodness for my husband--at least he has a good outlook and tries to keep me laughing in spite of it all. My kid's grandmother told me years ago that she and grandpa just held each other up. There's lots of truth in that!

My girlfriend of 15 years turned her back on me.
She was mean to me I how have to live with my 87 year old mother because I couldn’t afford living alone