Cerebellar Degeneration

Would Cerebellar degeneration be considered one of the SSDI Compasionate allowances?

Compassionate allowances really mean NOTHING unless you have a minimum of 2 doctors prove undeniably that you have that diagnosis.. Their paperwork,diagnosis, supporting evidence, prognosis MUST be impeccable. This is why many are denied.

Yes, it all depends . You need an attorney to argue your case if one dr has diagnosed you and your still denied disability!

I get my SSI Disability having cerebellum degeneration ie cerebellar ataxia. I had my neurologist reporting and was still denied. That is why I hired an advocate that knew the system to file for me. Many are denied once and the system hopes they will go away. We have to be better informed as to our rights and what is available to us. I wonder how many people who had legitimate issues were denied, and that ended it for them. We all need an advocate at one time or another!! Wake up, people!

I was accepted under the Compassionate Allowance diagnosis of Ataxia. I did not need a lawyer. I guess it depends on what state you live in.

Kathy, I too was accepted pretty fast, I applied before I was diagnosis and kept in touch with the rep and once I saw the doctor called and he received the paperwork and it took 3 months later and I received the money before the acceptance letter.

It was declared in 2010. Apply with doctors orders and notes. Then contact your senator and they will push it through. I was diagnosed November 2011 paperwork delayed due to holiday's. I got back pay check from May 2011 in January. Contacting the congressman was the key. Avoid attorney if at all possible rip-off. I did mine on my on.

I hired an attorney. I live in Maine, USA but used a Massachusetts attorney licensed in Maine. I only paid him the SSI allowed amount of about $700. I was approved on the second try and paid retroactive to my filing time, less the 6 months waiting period. I thought this was a good investment. I paid nothing up front.

It took me five months to get mine, and they hadn't recived all the documentation when they granted me my SSDI. When my wife applied for SSI, after retiring, my wife marked that I was disabled, per the form. The lady from the SSI office called me to inquire what my disability was. It was fast for me. Lucky?