Compassionate Allowance

My experience chatting with a lawfirm about getting Compassionate Allowance, its a pretty long conversation, I am not happy with the results.

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Hello! How can I help you today?

Scott Wise: does cerebellar ataxia fall under Compassionate Allowance

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Hello Scott, I am not sure I am going to ask my supervisor real quick

Ok, So my supervisor was looking it up online and we couldnot find anything that said it was. What we can do here is go through a disability evaluation to see if you can get long term disability

My supervisor did some more research and it actually is something that falls under the Compassionate allowance

Sorry for the mistake

Scott Wise: no problem

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Do you want to go through our evaluation to see if it is something we can help you with and possibly get on long term disability?

Scott Wise: i have had issues in the past when i filed for ss disability and the turned me down. But i belong to a support group who told me about the compassionate allowance,

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : What did they deny you for

Scott Wise: Social Security Disability allowance i guess thats what it was. will there be a fee involved

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : SSD Social security disability

Scott Wise: yes

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : The allowance is different

There is SSD and SSI SSI is Suplement security income

The evaluation is free

To Determine on if you would get ssd or SSI the main question that determines it is have you worked 5/10 years paying into social security>

Scott Wise: gthat is one of the reasons i was turned down. I have not been employed for around 6 years so they would not approve SSD. I was approved for SSI, but my wife makes just enough that we cant anythig from that

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Ahh gotcha That makes sense.

Yeah that is actually on the list to get compassionate

Scott Wise: well my wife is working on and off 2 jobs just to make ends meet

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Ok, Yeah with SSI it is difficult to keep even if your spouse is working and your not

Scott Wise: am i out of luck then?

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : The max income you can be getting is 1100 a month

And you can still be working 20 hours

As for your wife she can work as many hours as long its not over 1100 a month

Scott Wise: I am confused, sorry. Does that mean if my wife makes over 1100 a month, I would not get anythiing?

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : That is correct. SSI goes off of income not working credits and they do go off of your spouse as well.

You can still look into it but that is the guidlines for social security

They might have other options for you due to the health condition

Scott Wise: isnt compassionate allowance different than ssi

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Compassionate Allowances are a way to quickly identify diseases and other medical conditions that, by definition, meet Social Security’s standards for disability benefits. …

So they help you get disability benefits faster

How old are you?

Scott Wise: this is a little upsetting. I know someone who was diagnosed with migraines. She might get on 4-5 a year and her husband makes around 50,000 a year and she is receiving 1100, for almost 10 yrs

i am 50

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : That is because she is on SSD

When you are getting SSD income does not really matter

I was asking your age because at the age of 63 you can get early retirement but you are still pretty young

Scott Wise: not sure what to do next, I am getting worse with my conditions day to day

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : Yeah, I read about that condition and sounds like a hard one to deal with. I am so sorry you are going through this. I am going to see if my supervisor knows of any other resources I can give you real quck to see if there is some kind of help you can get.

Scott Wise: Its been pretty rough on my son who just turned 15 this year. He helps me get around

DISABILITY SPECIALIST : He sounds like a good kid to being willing to help you around. My supervisor said if you go to Benefits.Gov there might be something on there that you can lean towardss Other wise I know here the goverment center does have resources for bills, food and cash assistance