SSDI Hearing was scheduled fast. Is that a good sign?

I have cerebellar degeneration with ataxia. Probable SCA of unknown kind due to testing costs. Was tested for 5 dif. ones, but all neg. I can not afford to continue testing. My doctor has even stated this in one of my medical records.

I am 49 years old and applied for ssdi last April and was denied within 3 months. I then obtained a lawyer and filed an appeal in August. My lawyer said one on the main reasons that I was denied was that I was under 50. She told me the hearing wouldn't be for 6-12 months. Just got notice that my hearing will be in Jan. 2015. (That was only 5 months).

After I met with my lawyer the first time I got a letter from ssdi asking if I had any additional medical records that they didn't have. I in fact did have my recent MRI results which did show cerebellar degeneration on one of the photos and I sent that to them.

My questions are do you think that MRI result that I sent in helped to speed up the hearing process (due to it being a neurological degenerative disorder which I believe is considered to be on the compassionate allowance list) and what are my chances of being approved?

I have not talked to lawyer yet about this. On vacation, but just wanted some input.



Certainly sounds like it. Good luck with it .. I feel sure you will be successful.

I would definitely say so...with your MRI it is def proof of degenerative....I know when I came down with ataxia 4 years ago I was asked by a lawyer how old I was and he said the closer you are to 50 the easier it is to be approved...but if you look ataxia is one of SS disabilities illnesses on their list for fast approvals they have a name for this list but I forget it...I actually had to see one of their dr before I was approved even though I sent in all my dr papers and hospital papers even the one where the movement disorder specialist dr was the one that diagnosed me with cerebellar the visit with him I had to look at things do math etc, finally I told him I coulnt do any more because it was making me feel like I wanted to throw up just looking at it and in order to do things on paper I had to cover all but the line I was doing...he said..why didn't you tell me this...I said I didn't know I had to...he stopped all test half make sure if you have to see their dr you tell them anything that bothers you at all....needless to say I was approved..but I think you will be just by the wishes. Keep us updated! are you in US? by law the attorney that is helping you can only keep up to 25% of your 1st check you will get as they will make you wait the 5 months sign up then start get paid...

I’m 37 and was not likely to get approved for SSD due to my high education level and career history. I was approved last year because SCA is on the compassionate allowances list, along with things like Down’s syndrome and brain cancer. You have to look this up and point it out at the hearing but they will approve you based on that alone.

I agree that you should be covered under the SSDI’s compassionate allowance list. Your lawyer does not seem to be doing you any favors by not coming up with that list right away. It has nothing to do with how old you are. If you have one of the diagnosis on the list, which you do, then you are supposed to be fast tracked for approval.

Good luck,


Compassionate Allowance is a very misunderstood thing...It has nothing to do with approval or hearing process. It only kicks in AFTER you are approved. It is up to your doctors to PROVE without a shred of doubt that you have said condition. DNA test is pretty irrefutable. MRI can be deceiving. Doctor's paperwork must be impeccable and bullet proof.

Hi, It would be in your best intrest to use "progressive" in front of the word degenerative. That's what they looking for. mine had progressed so fast and had seen and docmented by 6 different neurologist that I had Friedriech's ataxia and the last neuro I saw was the unfortunet one to tell me and my wife I also have parkinson's disease.

I think Jonas that the thing is you have to proof you have one that the diagnosis on that compassionate allowance list. And progressive is a good idea to throw in there as well!

Dear Lester2255, Yes, I think you will be approved! ;o)

Thank you all. My hearing was scheduled for this coming Monday. Lawyer just called me and said the judge is approving my case as of the date I filed which was April of 2014 and I do not have to go to the hearing. What a GREAT relief. I really think that if you are denied the first time that you should get a lawyrer. I think it really helped in my case.