Chesty cough

Does anyone know a technique to bring up phlegm from a gurgling chest.

The more fluids you drink, the better. This will cut the viscosity and make it easier to bring it up. You can put a cool mist vaporizor in your room. Also, you can do some dependant drainage which means you lay on your bed, bend at your hips and hang your head over the side of the bed toward the floor. This seems like a crazy thing to do but it does work. If you have someone to help, they can do percussion on your back to loosen the gunk up. Google your question and you will find millions of ideas. FYI if you're a smoker, you need to stop because the gunk in your lungs wion't go away. Good Luck.

I am just into my 9TH day of coughing relentlessly . I called the pharmacist and she said to use Vick's vapor rub , plenty of fluids and and my husband picked up the decongestant that she recomended to loosen the phlegm . This is really helping , but seems slow. I am lucky to get 4-6 hrs sleep in 24 hr.s .... Hang in there . I am light headed and woozy after a coughing spasm but it is 7 am Fri. and I haven't slept since 1 pm yesterday and that was 5 hr. .... This has to end soon . .... Good Luck

hi joe

Just a thought - I've had a cough for ages, my chest is clear. Sometimes it sounds really 'wet' but I believe we ataxians can suffer from a persistent cough. Have your chest checked out. Are your sinuses clear? Do you get a 'goo running down the back of your throat? May be that your sinuses need draining?

God bless and hope this helps


Kit had the answer with the percussion to the back and bent over the edge of the bed to loosen the phlegm, also might do some steam vapor. Jerry

Joe -

Drink lots of fluids. This doesn't bring it up but I got this tip from a pharmacist - take allergy medicine. The allergy pill is meant to dry you up for allergies but it also helps to dry you up in general. Whenever my son or I get a cough we always take allergy medicine also.