Comedian Richard Herring tackles prejudice against the disabled (Radio 4)


Richard Herring's ObjectiveEpisode 2: 'The Wheelchair'

Richard Herring examines 'The Wheelchair': the representative symbol of disability on disability access signs and asks if there is equal access. He wonders if it is still the case that we see the disability rather than the person.

Written by and starring Richard Herring, with Emma Kennedy and special guest, comedian Francesca Martinez.

Produced by Tilusha Ghelani

The second series of Richard Herring's Objective pokes and prods a variety controversial objects and sees if the controversy falls out. Through vox pops, interviews and stand up comedy Richard examines the objects' history, meaning and significance and challenges our assumed logic and stereotypes. Can we reclaim these objects away from their unfortunate associations?

In series one the comedian investigated 'The Hitler Moustache', 'The Hoodie' and 'The St. George's Flag' and in the new series he'll be training his beady eye on 'The Golliwog', 'The Wheelchair', 'Page 3' and 'The Old School Tie'.