Talk organised by TFL on 18/2

I am taking part at a talk function organised by TFL on 18/2/2014 …would anyone want me to mention anything? You can attend".its in sw1, London. …""."will be talking about my diagnosis and the effects of the condition on me

Rare Disease Awareness Day is 2/28…maybe mention a few ideas of how the everyday-joe can make this happen at work or wherever.

I was supposed to be going to this, but duty calls in Welsh Assembly - Disability / Neurological / raredisese issues.

I travel to London ALOT and I do find traveling around the city is part of the adventure

I use the TFL journey planner (website) to plan Bus trips in London, its very good. Bus travel in London is good, as long as your prepared for all instances.

Driver disability awareness training could be alot better

Invisable disabilities are hard to notice but drivers need to be aware of this

pavement surfaces are not good (not the remit of TFL) but surfaces at bus stops could be better maintained at times.

Availability of the wheelchair space on buses can be an issue on busy routes or at peak times

Thanks for attending, let us know how it goes


I took part at the talk organised by TFL. . There were 60 delegate".doctors from industry."“I was 1 of 2. Speakers. “.it wás well received.they were kind”.it should raîse aŵáreness”""

Thank you!

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