Usa social security compassionate allowence to get social security for sca

Here is the link so you can print this out if you are having problems getting Social Security. Bring this in to your case worker so no need to have an attorney do this for you! Save some money. Click here.

Thanks Jeannie. That is a good document for workers to have on file. (Haven't heard from you lately. Hope aok. Silky

Doing great here thanks! Busy summer watching my Grandkids and the pool etc.

I don't want anyone to be upset at my comment, but this did NOT work for me and I have SCA5 with confirming genetic/DNA testing reports and my neurologist documentations and still had it denied, therefore I do have an attorney.

Plus I meet the all 3 of the listings they have shown and still it was a no go for me (denied) - Compassionate and the adult listing were printed and given to my SSA worker. I have a face to face in August with the judge who will decide. October will be 2 full years for me.

Not only was I surprised but my attorney was too because it is not normal for it to happen that way.

Your age and how educated you are somehow plays huge roles in the matter.