Constipation - Ataxia or not?

I’ve been exercising for many years now and I really think that these types of exercises will help of sorts. I’m talking about isometric exercises
They do not entail movement so they can be done in a sitting position.

A very important function of the stomach area muscles is to help push waste. While sitting, pull in your stomach as far as you can and hold it. Feel like you’re trying to touch your back with your stomach. You can’t but it’s only a feeling so you pull your stomach in as much as you can. Do it as long as you can but do it a few times each day. Can be done while watching TV or even in the car.

Remember, it took you awhile to get out of shape so it will take awhile to get back in shape so don’t be impatient. You should tense or contract and hold the other muscles in your body similarly and relax them. Hope this helps.



Sorry , so far I have gotten away with just lots of water. I have some magnesium in stock just in case.

I have trouble with Bowel control so I have to be careful

Hi Chase 521 I have been doing the stomach muscle exercise and it dose help thanks. :smiley:

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:smirk: I’ve just recently been for a Sigmoidoscopy, because of bleeding. Fortunately all was well but, I was told there was obvious evidence of constipation. As it happens, everyone over 50 is recommended to have the procedure as a matter of course. So, I came home armed with leaflets promoting a balanced diet containing roughage and lots of water… Thinking back, I’ve always been slightly constipated, even before the ataxia diagnosis, but obviously inactivity doesn’t help. So…I’ll make a change in my eating habits, consume more water :grimacing: and try Physillium Husk Capsules again…:slightly_smiling_face: xB

Glad all was clear. I hope dietary changes help.

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Amazing to have found this topic, unfortunate as it is, I’m comfotyed to know I’m not alone. Before my sudden onset of fibromyalgia and ataxia, I was doing great on the Keto diet which really helped regulate my bowels which had previously kind of been slow anyway. Now I have extreme constipation such that I had to daily use:
Miralax (used daily for over 2 years anyway)
Probiotics twice a day
Milk of Magnesia at night
Prescription Lactulose full strength am/pm

Plus I had already started drinking so much water due to recent “dry like the Sahara desert” mouth that it threw my blood osmolality off.

And still, no bm. Just constant urgency that made me sprint to the bathroom only to be somewhat relieved by some puff of gas and maybe a few “graham cracker crumbs” (trying not to be too gross).

The only remedy my GI doc has found so far for me is prescription Linzess at highest dose of 290mcg daily. Stuff does work, but I need to allow it an hour to kick in and then sprint to the bathroom (as fast as I can with a walker and ataxia legs!) over the next 90 minutes to “finish” in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

Anyone else dealing with this extreme or is it the lucky combo of Fibromyalgia related IBS and ataxia symptoms?

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Constipation is back. Sitting on the toilet only produces gas and not waste. The only thing that works is Dulcolax which softens the waste and it comes out like diarrhea but I don’t want to become dependent upon it. I asked my Gastro MD how long can I take it before I lose normal ability. His answer was for awhile. Not sure that answer instilled me with confidence. Anyone know a better answer? Thanks.

FYI, I take one little pill every three days to keep things moving. I’ve taken ten pills now.

I drink lots of water each day so #1 happens quite frequently plus eating fiber but no #2. This is driving me nuts! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After I was referred for Urinary Frequency…the Specialist told me that constipation can make this worse…and I do have to careful, I suffer easily from constipation.

Drinking water more regularly hasn’t helped…so I upped my fruit intake, particularly melons, and this has helped me.

Plus…when I do have a meal, I sip water between mouthfuls, it’s helped. Previously I would have had tea or coffee.

When I’m aware there could be ‘sluggishness’ in my system, I use Laxido prescribed by the Specialist. These sachets contain powder to be mixed with water, I take this before bed…half a sachet can often return things to normal…without diarrhoea.

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I am so glad to see this! I’ve been dealing with constipation for a while! One day (hour)I’m constipated. The next I have diarrhea. I used to take magnesium, but it stopped working. I’ve tried Senokot (3 pills) and Colace 2 in 1 (3 pills). Even with these, I often had to push. Now I take half a cap of Miralax every morning and tart cherry juice. I used to drink prune juice, but two people suggested cherry juice, so I’m trying it. I also am hypothyroid and have CREST syndrome. :roll_eyes: :

I think that I mentioned in another post that I am also hypothyroid. Miralax, Metamucil, Linzess, did nothing for me. Gastro MD has me on Trulance right now. Don’t know if it’s working but I just took a#2. The only thing that really worked was Dulcolax. But it came like diarrhea about six hours later. You can’t take it for any length of time because you don’t want to become dependent on it. I take it every three days or so when I’m feeling backed up. Talk to your doctor. Good luck and keep us updated.

Try drinking hot herbal DECAF tea. Also consider CHIA seeds. A friend of mine makes a pudding with them when she gets backed up.

As far as I know, a glass of warm prune juice at bedtime and another warm glass when you wake up is the way to go. Also, I start my day drinking two large glasses of water before eating breakfast. Make sure you drink a lot of water during the day even if you’re not thirsty.
Also eat fiber and fruits.

Magnesium softens waste so it can make things messy. Are you eating the correct foods? For breakfast I eat a bowl of Raisin Bran with either Almond Milk or Oat Milk. Never dairy milk. Lunch is a whole wheat or grain bagel with either peanut butter or vegetable cream cheese (very little). Dinner is a grilled chicken breast with salad. Plus I’m eating seedless grapes for dessert.

I found this very interesting

I’ll try the chia seeds. I’ll have to get someone to make me a hot drink. Long story. The Ataxia has progressed.

I wish you only the best!! :+1:. She gets the Chia seeds at Trader Joe’s but other stores have them. Google where.

Please let us know how you made out with the Chia seeds. Thanks.

I don’t think my constipation is normal. I’ve been doing all the correct things the doctor says but to no avail. Pills have no affect except Dulcolax which is a laxative. Don’t want to keep taking it. Rather be normal. Just wonder if Ataxia is responsible. Also am hypothyroid

:thinking: I’m not as mobile anymore…and I suspect inactivity has a knock-on effect for me….despite being careful not to eat too much ‘stodge’…and drinking water with food.

:thinking:Is it possible …medication could be causing problems.

Stodge? My medications are Synthroid for my thyroid, a statin for my cholesterol, vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and Magnesium Citrate pill. Never had medication problem before. Problem arose after eating apple crisps from BJs (wholesale place like Costcos)

:joy:re Stodge
I meant food…dry stodgy food…and not taking enough liquid with it.

:thinking:I suppose it’s possible an additive (in crisps) could be linked.

You may be right about that.