hello everyone ,i know this topic has been discussed before here ,however i would like to talk about what could be the reason for constipation if ataxia effects muscles you consciously control like arms and legs and not muscles like the heart or lungs .
Also,is there any life threatening danger from constipation ,or is it just something that is an inconvenience for the rest of a person’s life ?

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I don’t think that constipation is detrimental for ataxia. It is known to effect hemorrhoids and sometimes prostate in men. I have had good results with fiber gummies. Everyone has to find what works for them.

thanks shoaib,are there any negative side effect from it ?

Only if you take too many at a time. They are fibers and not absorbed from the intestines. They are sugar free and gluten free also.

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What is the recommended daily dosage? Is each chewable 5g?

*two fiber gummies a day works for me. My wife has to take three a day *

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Just picked up a bottle. If it doesn’t work I’ll hunt you down LOL. I’ve read comments that some folks have a problem with the pieces sticking together because of the heat/humidity. I put the bottle in the refrigerator to combat that.

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Sticking together doesn’t lose their potency. But I think, keeping the bottle in the refrigerator does not harm it either. Depending on the degree of constipation, 2-4 gummies a day should give enough fiber in your diet. I usually get them from BJ’s wholesale store. They usually have a coupon for it.

Sticking together has nothing to do potency just a pain. I also belong to BJ’s so I’ll check it out if it works for me. Thanks.

I saw this remedy some years ago on a Multiple System Atrophy group site. It’s a natural way that keeps my husband moving regularly. Mix 1 can mandarin oranges (I use the no sugar added) and add prunes. Heat This usually makes 3 cups. I give him one cup per morning. When I pour the cup, I add 1 TBS organic coconut oil. Hope this helps.

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I would be inclined to try a high fiber diet instead of a supplement; unrefined grains, vegetables, fruit etc. Exercise is also known to be helpful when dealing with constipation.


If you have bad constipation like I do, fiber and exercise don’t help because I have a bad disease. If you can find a laxative senna tea at Walmart, it’s cheap and it helps. It works too well sometimes. The name has the word ‘Medicinals’ in it.

Probably the most important thing is to drink a lot of water.

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:slightly_smiling_face:I realise this relates to Parkinson’s, but it can’t hurt to check it out.

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My wife has SCA3 with constipation. People needs to understand that ataxia affect the nerve system in the body if the nerve is out of order so will your muscles will be to. If you can find something to clam the nerve system then you will clam the muscles. With all that said we have not find anything OTC med that will work or prescription wise that will help except for Mestinon Syrup but it is a very strong med and it works within 30 min of taking it. What I have thought about doing is getting some Lubiprostone 24mg pills it is use on people that has IBS with constipation and see if that don’t work for her.

I struggle with constipation as well. I have SCA3, what works for me is a very strict diet. I have been doing the Dr Terry Walz protocol diet. It was difficult to change my eating habit at first. I know have been doing it for a year and a half. I drink a lot of smoothies because of swallowing issues. I also use miralax and Metamucil I tried Linzes but it was to strong for me. I could not make it to the toilet in time. My biggest struggle is pelvic floor pain. I can not sit for very long and other muscles just don’t work right down there.