Current article in Brain and Life Magazine

This is a MUST READ. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t include Ataxia. Perhaps if we all wrote to the editor of Brain and Life magazine and explained to them that the only way for folks to learn of Ataxia would be for them to write a complete article regarding the illness. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At the bottom of the page is “contact us.”

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I have wondered why no article on Ataxia. I have been getting the magazine since it was Neurology Now and yet no articles on
Ataxia. No one will know about Ataxia unless a magazine or some one put something about it out there.


thanks Chas521, done

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And thank you very much.

I just received my latest copy of the Brain and Life Magazine and I was disappointed because I didn’t see any articles about Ataxia nor did I see any letters from you asking for articles so Ataxia could be “put out there.” You did write a letter, didn’t you and didn’t leave it up to the other person? :angry: See post #1.