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Since Brain and Life magazine [formerly Neurology Now] has failed to write an article on Ataxia even though we have written to them, I took it upon myself to send an email direct to their letters to the editor page. I hope that wakes them up.

" Sir,

A few of us have written to you via the “contact us” page on your site regarding our very rare illness called Ataxia. I’m not talking about the symptom ataxia but the actual movement disorder called Ataxia. Note the small a [ataxia] for the symptom and the capital A [Ataxia] for the illness. However, you have done nothing about our request. Folks are aware of the common MS and Parkinson’s but the only way for those folks to learn of Ataxia is by you doing the research and writing a complete article about it. Please do it.

Also, you used to have Ataxia as part of your resource section, but for some reason Brain and Life now omits it. Please bring it back.

National Ataxia Foundation

600 Highway 169 South

Suite 1725

Minneapolis, MN 55426




I noticed in the recent issue they request readers to contact them with their own story.

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Thanks Beryl! Glad you are bringing to their attention.

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I contacted them back when they were Neurology Now. Now they are concentrating on migraine headaches.

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Thanks Beryl. I have that .org bookmarked now. Much appreciated

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Looks like my letter opened a door. See the current issue.

You can also see it here: BTW, it’s free.

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:joy: I was actually just about to post a link to this myself

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I was kinda angry at the Brain and Life article on Ataxia because although it said a lot, they left out a very important part of my letter to the editor. Just look at the current replies in the letter to the editor section. I’m talking about the small “a” vs. the capital “A”. Small ataxia is a common symptom but A is NOT. I wrote to them nicely but not happy so we’ll see if they correct.

EDIT: See my post here #1.